Hitting the High Note ~ Philippe Matignon

June 18, 2012

By Cristina Casciano-King

Philippe Matignon introduces its Fall 2012 Collection…with Bra La Mode

My favorite buy of the season for is always for Fall. I get so excited sitting with all the different vendors at the various shows..whether its Curve NY, Mode City Salon International in Paris or just meeting one on one with the vendors. Philippe Matignon collections shine year after year…always hitting the style high notes.

Their Fall Collection is no disappointment. Bringing back not only the Jade Sheers that Kate Middleton is strutting in all over the world, but styles like the faux hold-ups- tights that give the illusion of vintage seamed stockings with a modern twist. and. My favorite for Fall though, MicroFiber polka dots, which are perfect for everyday wear.

I have always been a fan of Philippe Mantignon even before I began Peek. My only reservation about the product is the packaging. Like most established European brands, the packaging is outdated feeling and is a little too “European” for the American Market.

Philippe Matignon hosiery is a high quality product with style comfort and classic femininity as stated in their press release and I agree.


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Cristina Casciano-King

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