Dottie’s Delights Takes on Bettie Paige

April 21, 2013

By Layla L’Obatti

Flashforward/ Flashback – Dottie’s Delights Schools Modern “Bettie’s”


Flashback: Provocative poses made Bettie Paige an icon of sexual revolution. Then there was also that jet-black hair and matching black lingerie set with hi-waist garter with stockings and heels that still make a Bettie today.

Flashforward: If Bettie Paige were alive, she would most definitely be wearing this Dottie’s Delights Millie collection, reminiscent of so many of the designs she made memorable.

  1. Jerry Kromer Sunday - 21 / 04 / 2013 Reply
    One really has to wonder how big Bettie Paige would be if she were alive today. With her photogenic looks and talent to push the envelope in her unique way, it seems that Bettie in 2013 would conquer the world. There are so many stars, models and singers who have copied elements of her style that it is almost like she is still alive today. It's hard to think that stars like Madonna, Lady Gaga Dita Van Tease and so many others would be where they are without Bettie having blazed the path for them.
  2. Layla Monday - 22 / 04 / 2013 Reply
    So true Jerry, she really did leave a lasting impact and as you put it blazed a trail for the "sex icons" to follow her. thanks for sharing your thoughts!



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