Natori Lingerie Births The Flora Bra

April the Giraffe on Lingerie Briefs

I guess by now anyone of you who has the slightest relationship with social media and the internet knows that April the giraffe gave birth to her baby this past weekend. Me, I have been on this story since the end of March, waiting (like the other 6 million followers) rather impatiently for the big event. After Shirley got me hooked on the live feed, I found myself checking the status of April’s progress more often than I would like to admit. Kudos to Animal Adventure Park in NY for building such an enormous fan base via social media: smart marketing as they appealed to our baser instincts. But the real heroine here, as usual, is the mother. April’s odyssey has captured our imagination and helped create another generation of these beautiful beasts.

Natori Flora bra B-G, 30-36 on Lingerie Briefs

I must admit, though, that my particular obsession with the pending delivery had an alternative objective. I have been anxious to write about Natori’s new Flora contour underwire demi bra almost from the moment it launched early this year to immediate double digit sales results. But I had to stand by for the big day. After all, the Flora bra has been such a success at retail that I had to insure that April’s parable met my expectations. And, at long last, it has, all 125 lbs & 5’9″ of him.  Flora captures many design elements of the bestselling Natori Feather’s DNA while establishing its own genetic signature. Engineered floral lace covers innovative molded cups to create a seamless deep plunge neckline, but this bra fits sizes 30-36, B-G cups accommodating a greater range of women. The Flora bra proves that to perpetuate a lineage does not require multiple offspring. One majestic result will do.

There is Such a Special Sweetness in Being Able to Participate in Creation”~Pamela S. Nadav


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  1. alison c. says:

    I recently bought the Flora bra from Neiman Marcus and am obsessed with it! So good and one I’ll definitely be ordering multiples of in the near future. So happy you featured this amazing new style!

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