And, I DO NOT MEAN BREAST CANCER AWARENESS!  Pink is the color of unconditional love and nurturing, or so it is said. It has perpetually been associated with femininity, warmth, intuition and calm.  And it has been hi-jacked by breast cancer organizations as a metaphor and changed the conversation from romance to money. I was never the “pink” girl, but I was always inspired by the pink world. Everywhere we look, in theater, art, dance, music, and poetry, pink holds a provocative position.  The inspiration of this hue, from hot to cool, has a powerful impact on lingerie and swimwear design.







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Spots and Dots have been an intimate part of couture and lingerie for as long as I can remember. From prints to textile design to photography, they are a ubiquitous element of our fashion culture. Above Christian Dior and Princess Tam Tam. Below Hanky Panky and Sølve Sundsbø. Found on Pinterest


Untitled-5dotDita Von Teese and Valentino

Untitled-4dotUnknown and Yves St Laurent

Untitled-2dotWhat Katie Did and Toru and Naoko

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Linear Art ~ Lingerie Effects


Art is everywhere: in photography, paintings, couture and fashion lingerie. Who influences who is a matter of conjecture. Above embroidered image by Amsterdam based artist Hinke Schreuders uses embroidered threads to create a linear pattern stealing some of the portraits intensity. Perhaps designer Junko Shimada had the same intent. Below graphic lines strong as in Adriana Degreas’ bodysuit or delicate pictured here in John Paul Gaultier’s bodice affect the same allusion.



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Petticoat Junction


Which came first; the petticoat or lingerie anointed with tulle and ruffles? So much of intimate design depends on what has been created to go beneath. Above Masha Markina featured in Love Lost for Fashion Canada photographed by Chris Nichols. (copyrights St. Joesph Media) and below ID Sarrieri Retro Circle Skirt and bodysuit Kurt Geiger heels for Style on the Couch photographed by William Williams.


Untitled-1126Hopeless Lingerie & Christies Lingerie

124Strumpet and Pink & She and Reverie
123Unknown Image on Pinterest & Nicole Gill

Untitled-3pJenny Packham & Unknown Image on Pinterest


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Black and White photography takes intimate perspective to a whole other level.  Void of color, the subject is seen in a landscape of light and shadows. The images project the essence of the product. Above Noe Intimates and below KISSKILL Lingerie   are examples.  Intimate shots of women in their private moments prove the power of expression wrought by beautiful form.See More in our Pinterest and Instagram pages





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