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This Weeks Intimate Discovery:  Hot, New Designers Arrive At The Lingerie Designer Showcase

There is nothing quite as satisfying as the discovery of new talent and for that I thank the Lingerie Designer Showcase trade show that took place last week at the AKA Hotel Residences in NYC.  This nascent show, Indie in its own right, showcased 10 brands of emerging Intimate artists who are just spreading their wings.  There were a host of interesting new silhouettes worthy of recognition from all of these eclectic designers but I was focused early on the parade of creative panty styles that I culled from many of the collections.  This was a powerful merchandising story for any lingerie connoisseur. It was inspiring to find these intimate gems and the relaxed environment, amplified by truffles and champagne, did not hurt.

“There is no better high than discovery.”  ~
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Shifting Perspective ~ CURVENY

You know something is a trend when its synergy begins to creep into your daily conscious.  I am not sure why or how, but I sense a sea change in our cultural atmosphere:  a slow shifting of the tides.   It was apparent at the Paris shows and reinforced again last week at CURVENYThere is always a broad sweep of interesting ideas, but I like to zero in.  Nothing spoke louder to me than the infusion of vibrant colors prevalent throughout the show.  Brands, both established like Wacoal and Commando as well as emerging such as Claudette, Ari Dein and Lola Haze were replete with bold colors applied with an interesting twist.  There was a definite halo of optimism.

Juxtaposed with this surge of vitality was a return to the grace and elegance of classic intimates albeit with a modern edge perpetrated by Read more

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  UK Designer Creates Lingerie Art

The first time I met UK Corsetiere, Velda Lauder I was impressed by the artistry of her work, but even more the intense diligence to detail and function.  Velda’s extensive design background, supported by a plethora of accolades and celebrity customers since she began her Intimate Adventure in 1994 has culminated in a focused Made to Order Corset collection that reveals her identity with the feminine self.  Fascinated by the curvy glamour showcased in the movies of the 1940’s and 50’s, Velda creates her handmade lingerie for a  woman who wants to elegantly highlight her curves but seeks comfort as well as style.  Attentive to a woman’s most sensitive figure concerns, she has created unique accessory pieces devoted to accentuating the positive aspects of the body.  Using the finest quality fabrics and trims, these corsets, … Read more

By Rhea Cortado (contributing)

When it comes to a wedding, women have carte blanche to be spoiled brats. They want exactly what they want and how they want it. So at the Something Blue wedding showcase event at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, it was all about customization and personalization. Shoes can be bedazzled or dyed to the bride’s precise Pantone number fancy and cupcake sprinkles can be styled to match whatever the decided theme.

The event covered all the details of the big day from announcement to consummation. (To see the full listing of vendors that participated and more tips, see the Something Blue facebook page: )… Read more

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