Spotlight on Oh Là Là Chéri

LOLA Bodysuit from the KAVIAR Collection ~ Oh Là Là Chéri’s NEW Premier Line launching soon!

Ten years ago, Oh La La Cheri marked the beginning of a new undiscovered market that combined the mainstream appeal of fashion forward underwear and the sultriness of adult oriented lingerie. Since its foundation, the Oh La La Cheri brand has not only continued to tap into this third market, but has made great strides in evolving what could be achieved through the combination of those two worlds.

Kaviar is fashion. For Oh la la Cheri’s 10th year anniversary they wanted to create a Premier Collection that is elevated, detailed and fashion forward. Each piece has been carefully crafted to showcase their workmanship. Kaviar’s promise is to constantly push the design envelope and to deliver exquisitely made lingerie.

Nicolette Teddy from the KAVIAR Collection

One of Oh la la Cheri’s promises is to always … ...Read more

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