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My daughter Kate recently introduced me to the art of Tara Donovan.  As I am often confused by the current art world, Donovan’s work is a refreshing alternative to what I consider convoluted statements of basic form. Donovan avoids this, transforming fundamental materials into contemporary masterpieces. Her sculptures, many of them installations that must be rebuilt for each show, approach classic minimalism, repeats it and re-informs it with a modern twist. I admire her vision: creating visual intelligence that asks to be experienced.


Donovan’s context reminds me of owner Nancy Yoo’s design intent in the creation of the Fleur’t brand. Nancy works with everyday lingerie fabrics to develop a classic product with a very sophisticated vibe. Using her signature rayon knit, chic and subtle color palettes, and astute application of lace, she constructs essential  pieces sensually draped to fit a wide range of women. Improvising on tried and true shapes by applying her relentless attention to detail, she is always renovating styles with a new perspective. No wonder Fleur’t has become a mainstay of boutique businesses across North America.

“I Invent Nothing, I Rediscover” ~Auguste Rodin


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  1. Lisa says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for letting me know about Fleur’t Lingerie.

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