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Chantelle bra & Panty set with Samantha Chang silk robe photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie Briefs

Inspired by the American impressionist painter, Frederick Carl Frieseke, Stephanie’s July Fashion Editorial (Part One) is not only an ode to summer brides, but also a visual play on the effects of summer light. Frieseke is known for painting early 20th century women outdoors in dappled light. These women would often steal away to find respite under a willow or by a body of water, relaxed and free and unrestrained from the layers of clothing that fashion demanded.

Stephanie states “I wanted to play with these elements to create an ethereal mood, one that suggests a mirage in the heat of summer”

To capture this, Stephanie plays with the color white through a simmering lens. The lingerie transforms into an images of romance, desire and delight.

Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
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A fashion editorial series by Stephanie Hynes & Lingerie Briefs

Lepel Swim bottoms, L'Atiste by Amy top, Wasteland Vintage sunglasses on Lingerie BriefsLepel swim bottoms , L’atiste by Amy top,Wasteland Vintage sunglasses

It is no longer a secret that intimate apparel and ready to wear share space in the fashion world; but what about swimwear? Beach attire, once specifically relegated to sand and water venues are also following suit. I have a unique perspective here in Cabo San Lucas: a firsthand account. After all, on the Mexican seashore, swimwear is so integrated into the dress code, that one hardly sees it as a trend. I have spoken before of several lingerie brands that have crossed over and blurred traditional boundaries between the two categories. What has become more prescient is the integration of conventional swim styles into the vernacular of a woman’s everyday wardrobe. Stephanie and I pondered this rising trend and decided we would do a story proposing that ‘swimwear is … ...Read more

A fashion editorial series by Stephanie Hynes & Lingerie Briefs

Exclusive images of the Rya Collection photographed by Stephanie Hynes on Lingerie Briefs

Recently, photographer Stephanie Hynes was commissioned by the lovely Flora Backer, founder and creative head of the Rya Collection to shoot her spring 2019 Look Book. Perfect timing as far as I am concerned; we are on the cusp of the 2018 bridal season and fresh from last weekend’s royal wedding obsessiveness. Flora, who launched her new brand at retail in the fall of 2017, is a favorite of mine. I followed her delicate hand for years while she spearheaded the original Flora Nikrooz brand. Recognized for her bridal lingerie, she is now directing the Rya Collection into the future with exceptional designs that reflect as well as defy tradition. Her belief that bridal is a year round retail opportunity; engagement, wedding, honeymoon and beyond, has only served to expand her influence in the niche. The market has responded and … ...Read more


A fashion editorial series by Stephanie Hynes & Lingerie Briefs

Aubade Bra & Brief ~ Christine Silk Kimono photographed by Stephanie HynesAubade & Christine Silk

Finally, spring has arrived in North America, or so I have been told. Here in Mexico, there is really no such season. And, I must admit that I miss its debut. Something happens to the light in spring. It is, in fact, clearer, luminescent and weightless. As the earth blooms, I find a metaphor to feminine empowerment. These lingerie images, shot by Stephanie Hynes, are homage to the grace and energy embodied in a confident woman. Photographed to capture the beauty of a transformative moment, they are reminiscent of a poem I wrote some years ago describing a single flower growing in the cracks of an abandoned lot. We each see what we choose. For us, it is the artistry in intimate apparel.

Aubade Bra photographed by Stephanie HynesAubade  

Passionata Bra and bikini panty photographed by Stephanie Hynes on Lingerie BriefsPassionata 

Millesia bra and panty photographed by Stephanie Hynes on Lingerie BriefsMillesia

Chantelle bra and panty photographed by Stephanie Hynes on Lingerie BriefsChantelle

Timpa bra and panty photographed by Stephanie Hynes on Lingerie BriefsTimpa

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A fashion editorial series by Stephanie Hynes & Lingerie Briefs

The Rites of Spring- Hanky Panky Bralet and panties photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsHanky Panky

Part Two of Stephanie’s photographic homage to floral inspired lingerie completes our  fashion editorial series celebrating the “The Rites of Spring”. Today begins a huge holiday weekend worldwide, one  awash with tokens of rebirth. Nothing is quite as rejuvenating as tiny buds lacing the skyline, peeks of green embroidering the earth and sunshine delivering hope.

Hanky Panky panties photographed for The Rites of Spring by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie Briefs

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