Clo Intimo Fortuna Lace Bralette and Panty for Spring 2020 as featured on Lingerie Briefs

If you walk through the aisles of any supermarket here in Mexico, you will see entire shelves filled with Salsa (much the same as spaghetti sauces dominate the pasta aisles in the USA). BTW, I am not referring to the chopped appetizer we Americanos serve with chips. I am talking about variations of hot, spicy or as they say in Spanish, picante toppings that defy our definition of heat. As I spend more and more time in this Latin paradise, I am getting better at tolerating what my Mexican friends refer to as mild.  (Phew!)

In Latin America, Salsa is an apt code name for the entire culture: warm, sensual and passionate. It conjures up images of lush vegetation, familial feasts, sultry music, and a ‘vida és chula’ (life is rosy) attitude. It’s in the air. It’s contagious. And this spring it’s the entire inspiration for Clo Intimo’s 2020 collections.

Clo Intimo Piel bodysuit and bralettes for Spring 2020 as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Normally, I don’t preview products prior to delivery. These styles aren’t for sale at retail yet, although retailers have plenty of time to buy them at wholesale. But, here I am, in Cabo San Lucas, warm, relaxed and genial and by the time these pieces deliver to stores, I will be caught up in a cold and snowy northeastern ‘loca vida’.  Since I am always enticed by Claudia Ochoa’s lingerie design journey, a tale of feminine empowerment rooted in her Latin heritage (Clo is sourced and produced in Colombia, South America) it seems apropos to showcase this distinctive vibe now. Clo’s spring delivery continues the brand’s spirited legacy of easy, provocative intimate lingerie layers. New or renewed, best-selling groups like Fortuna, Malla and Piel Sport, featured here in one form or another, are a saucy seasoning for any intimate store’s spring and summer inventory.

Clo Intimo Piel bodysuit for Spring 2020 as featured on Lingerie Briefs

“They Say Latina Women Are Spicy. But We Are More Than That.
We Have Power, and We Run Things”
Natti Natasha


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