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Fashion Illustration of Cardi B n Playful Promises Swimwear by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

I want to pay tribute to women who are unapologetic: women who make no excuses for their size and shapes, no excuses for their curves, and no excuses for the weight, the height, and the color of their bodies. I remember when I used to watch entertainers on television or movies and a woman would appear who wasn’t a size 4 and I’d think to myself “she needs to lose a few pounds”. We all did it, and didn’t think twice about it, and this coming from a woman who has never been small.

Times have changed and so have we. I now see a woman proudly showing her curves, her weight, her cleavage and I think to myself more often than not, “she looks fabulous” or “I wish I had the skills and the nerve to pull that off”. It is an unconscious shift in how we view women, especially how women view women. Women have traditionally been harsher on other women’s bodies than men have, but no more. Women are encouraging and empowering women to embrace their bodies. Diets and exercise are more about being healthy first, and losing weight second. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to lose weight, I’m always trying and encourage friends who are trying but the reasons why have shifted.

Fashion Illustration of Lizzo in Playful Promises Lingerie by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Meet Lizzo, the inspiration for this blog, she is a classically trained hip hop flutist and her power is infectious. I saw her on Jimmy Fallon, read about her in NY Magazine and I now follow her flute Sasha on Instagram. She is magnetic, smart, talented and large, and she is absolute unapologetically beautiful. I love how she loves her body, and I hope to one day get to that place. She is wearing Playful Promises Gabri Fresh Draper Harness Bra.

Fashion Illustration of Adele in Wacoal Lingerie by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Adele, what can I say, she has the voice of an angel and the body of Venus. She is one of the original “I don’t give a damn what you think of my body” chanteuses. I love her. I put her in Wacoal’s infamous timeless strapless, no explanation necessary.

Fashion Illustration of Leslie Jones in Elomi Lingerie by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Leslie Jones is very tall, very loud and very funny. She once complained that she could not get designers to dress her for events, that they had no interest in her. Shame on them for being so shortsighted, as she is the perfect canvass for wild prints, color and boldness, I dressed her in Elomi’s Sachi Print.

Fashion Illustration of Christina Hendriks in Cadolle Lingerie by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Christina Hendricks was my favorite character on Mad Men, she moved like a cat and behaved like a barracuda in that show and she was glorious in all her voluptuousness. She is wearing a bustier from the eponymous French brand Cadolle.

Fashion Illustration of Amy Shumer iin Freya Lingerie by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

I love the way Amy Schumer’s weight fluctuates and how she doesn’t miss a beat. She is a different size in each of her movies and she is comfortable in each and every skin. I put Amy in Freya’s Fancies plunge bra with its lovely back view.

Fashion Illustration of Octavia Spencer in Savage Fenty Lingerie by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Every movie that Octavia Spencer stars in, she steals the show, even when she isn’t supposed to. She is feisty, she is giving, she is rebellious and she is proud, always proud. I put Octavia in a Savage Fenty chemise. The camera loves her and so do we.

Fashion Illustration of Rihanna in Cosabella by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Speaking of Savage Fenty, no words about women with curves would be complete without Rihanna.  Ohh to be pear shaped like her. Ohh to sing like her. Ohhh to have a billion dollar makeup line like her…….gotta face it, I just want to be her. I thought a soft demure lace bra and panty by Cosabella would complement the sizzle that is Rihanna.

The Grammys aired last week and they belonged to Cardi B, and rightly so. The list of her talents will not fit in this paragraph.  The way she manipulates the English language in a way that leaves us awestruck and jealous, the way she rolls that tongue, the sound she makes with that tongue, the way she trolls her detractors, the way she wears anything and everything…..I love Cardi B.

This is just a fraction of the new wave of unapologetic women, and the numbers are growing and that makes me very happy.  This is just the beginning of me illustrating  real women in the intimate apparel of my choice, it was fun and I look forward to doing it again.

Peace, optimism and resistance in the New Year.


Shock Absorber Sports Bra illustrated for Lingerie Briefs by Tina Wilson

New year, new beginnings…. or so I am hoping. Hope… that is a good way to start the year, and I have consulted my horoscope for glimmers of such hope.  Apparently, this is the year of choice for myself and my Scorpio comrades. Does that mean I get to choose a new president, please pretty please? Can I choose not to pay taxes? Can I choose the winning lottery numbers? As for the Scorpio 2019 love life, apparently, it’s all or nothing, and what else is new?

I’ve thought about making resolutions but haven’t gotten much further than the thought.   There is the prerequisite diet resolution, but the choices are staggering like the DASH, PALEO, MEDITTERENEAN, KETO, VEGETARIAN, FRUITARIAN, VEGAN, PESCETARIAN, KANGATARIAN, ITTERMITTENT FASTING, WW, SOUTH BEACH diets, and about a hundred more, I think I’ll just attempt to eat more plants and less things that breathe.

Prima Donna Sports Bra illustrated for Lingerie Briefs by Tina Wilson

Sleep…I’ve been working on this one for some time now and I think I’m good. I only watch the first 10 minutes of Stephen Colbert’s monologue at the beginning of his show because that’s the best part and it soothes me… so lights out by 11:50 so that I have more time to dream about doing a high impact sport wearing Prima Donna’s Underwire or Shock Absorbers Multi Sport Bra.

Freya Sports Bra illustrated for Lingerie Briefs by Tina Wilson

I’ve been researching and taste testing mocktails and non-alcoholic ‘liquors’, I’ve tried quite a few and they are not bad, there is definitely something to explore further. I feel much better in the morning after 3 faux gimlets versus 3 very real ones….and the weight loss factor is a bonus. A winter holiday in a warm climate sipping mocktails by a pool wearing Freya’s Freestyle One Piece is a vision I can make happen.

Natori Sports Bra illustrated for Lingerie Briefs by Tina Wilson

Tuning out and having less screen time is an admirable resolution but I won’t even pretend that is an option, I’m incapable, at least until the next election. To take my mind off the harmful rays emanating from my phone, a little meditating wearing Natori’s Yogi Bra ain’t a bad idea.

Panache Sports Bra illustrated for Lingerie Briefs by Tina Wilson

And last and definitely least is exercise, which brings me back to the real subject of this blog…sport bras. A lot of good stuff out there to hold the girls up, for every possible activity but sometimes you gotta go with just pretty…. and Panache’s Full Busted Sport Bra is a workout bra with a lacy look you can go out in and let peak thru your slightly unbuttoned shirt.

Anita Sports Bra illustrated for Lingerie Briefs by Tina Wilson

I am thinking about less consumption, a bit of minimalism if you will, with the exception of an outrageously loud and pretentious, ridiculously stupid waste of money, pair of high 3-digit sneakers. I know…it makes no sense, but I must do it and when I do, I will go minimal on the bra and wear them with Anita’s Front Close Bra, it looks like pure comfort, and I will need comforting if I spend that kind of money on a pair of sneakers.

So here’s to resolutions, hope and change (sound familiar, see where I’m going?) and getting back on track in my life, my heart and our country…2018 was a rough one, nowhere to go but up….

Peace, kindness and resistance in 2019!

Holiday Lingerie Love


Holiday Fashion Illustrations by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa,‘tis the season.  It is the season for us to remember that tolerance is a virtue, no matter who or what you worship, if you worship at all.  I will not attempt to make a logical connection between lingerie and religion. What I will do instead is showcase some beautiful holiday self purchases, gifts and stocking stuffers. There is a lot of beautiful merchandise out there waiting for you and while it is typical to focus on robes and pj sets as they are perfect gifts, I wanted to “dream” a little sexier.

NK iMODE has a lovely enticer with winding back straps in red, be inspired to purchase the Estrella Superstar red silk gown, if no one buys it for you, then buy it for yourself.

Holiday Fashion Illustrations, Taryn Winters, by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

I am a big Taryn Winters fan, her flirty georgette number while sheer could be fantastic worn out with a pair of faux leather leggings and a meant-to-be seen bra.

Holiday Fashion Illustrations, Only Hearts, by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

There is very little I can say about the Only Hearts bodysuit, it speaks for itself, loud and clear. Someone is gonna have a very merry Xmas.

Holiday Fashion Illustrations, Nubian Skin, by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

I had a give a shout out to Nubian skin, their slip dress is the perfect layer beneath all the sheer, sequins and lace no matter what shade you are..Happy Kwanzaa.

Holiday Fashion Illustrations, Hanky Panky, by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

If you’re all about the stocking stuffer, we all know Hanky Panky is the way to go, the iconic one size thong will forever be the go to gift when you’re not sure what size she is, and you don’t want to get in trouble by guessing the wrong size.

Holiday Fashion Illustrations, Rya Lingerie by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

I fell in love with Rya’s “cold shoulder” ruffled chemise, pure genius and its just plain and simply beautiful.

Holiday Fashion Illustrations, Addiction Lingerie by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

Last but not least is Addiction’s “Night at the Opera” tulle skirt and bra, throw on a little silk tank or t and wear the hell out of that skirt with a pair of opaque hose, it really is opera worthy!

No matter what you believe in, I think we can all agree we want the same things…Peace on this earth, to be treated with dignity and to get as many gifts as possible!

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Christmas

Happy Kwanzaa

Las Posadas

Happy St Stevens Day…I could go on and on, the days of celebration are as diverse as we are..PEACE


THE FRENCH LINGERIE LOFT show, presented by Lingerie Francaise, was cozy, even quaint and it was a pleasant contrast to all the trade shows and fairs normally held in big cold spaces. I walked up the stairs after entering on Bleecker street and was greeted to a demonstration by Caudalie, the French skin care brand. Women were sitting around a big white wooden table sampling and applying assorted creams as demonstrated by a brand representative. It felt like someone’s home and I felt like I walked in on a dinner party just before the main course. I looked over at the kitchen and there was a group of people huddled and laughing in front of the lovely spread of crudité, pate, wine and pastries.

While everyone was focused on magic serums to heal and repair the skin, I had the strategically placed racks to myself. All the beautiful bras, panties and bodysuits were sorted not by brand but rather by color or theme. Black textures, black banded elastics, black laces and embroideries were the star but there were smatterings of color and print.  There was red and there was animal and camouflage. The row of white bras was fresh and made me feel like it was spring, as did the in-climate weather outside. I pretty much flipped a coin as to what to illustrate, there was so much to choose from. Lou, Antinea, Chantelle, Louisa Bracq, Empreinte, Aubade, Lise Charmel, Simone Perele, Maison Lejaby, to name a few were shining examples of the craftsmanship and beauty on display. It was a lovely way to end the afternoon and as I left, wandered over to Greenwich street to Urban Zen to listen to an evening panel discussion on sustainability, part of a weekend long event on Changingfashion, where I ran into Donna Karan.  It had been at least 10 years and she greeted me with the biggest smile and hug and we lamented how time slips away…it was good day.


Tina Wilson illustrations of French Lingerie Loft, Louisa Bracq, as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Tina Wilson illustrations of French Lingerie Loft, Lise Charmel as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Tina Wilson illustrations of French Lingerie Loft, Simone Perele as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Tina Wilson illustrations of French Lingerie Loft,Chantelle as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Tina Wilson illustrations of French Lingerie Loft,Lou as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I would like to dedicate this blog to my friend Berna Goldstein.  When I met Berna, she was my boss at Donna Karan Intimates. We shared a lot of good times and when I was a bitch, she ignored me. She taught me how to travel the world in style. She taught me how to navigate corporately. She taught me how to have fun even while working til 2am. She was smart, her advice was always the best advice. She gave of herself, always connecting people and always there when you needed guidance.  When I started writing this blog she was without fail the first person to let me know how much she enjoyed it. I don’t make a habit out of remaining friends with my bosses when we no longer work together, but with Berna it came naturally.  She was a bit of legend in our industry and her knowledge of the bra world was extensive. She made many friends and we are all saddened by her passing, but she leaves behind an industry of models, vendors, retailers, salespeople, designers and merchandisers who will remember her with a lot of respect and even more love.

Love you Berna.






 Fashion Illustration by Tina Wilson of Barney's NY fur slide exclusively for Lingerie Briefs

“Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!” …this phrase popped in my head as I was walking home recently. The abundance of animal prints on the streets is stunning. I have taken to stealing pics of women wearing animal prints on their shoes, on their leggings, their blouses, dresses and scarves while wondering if the animal kingdom thrives in what lies beneath.

I was in Barneys recently trying to make my way to the intimate apparel floor in search of examples of this kingdom when I was corralled by the shoe department. I am obsessed with hairy, furry animal print slides. I seriously thought of buying a pair but they are not cheap and must be shown off publicly and often if purchased. On closer consideration I had doubts about the fur that so beautifully spills out of the shoes, touching the sidewalks of NY, I questioned the salesman and he agreed they are not meant to roam free…too bad…. but boots are another matter!

 Fashion Illustration by Tina Wilson of YSL boots exclusively for Lingerie Briefs

And if you are too timid for animal print shoes you might want to try Dolce and Gabbana’s hosiery, they are gorgeous, all you need is a little black dress.

 Fashion Illustration by Tina Wilson of D&G tights exclusively for Lingerie Briefs

Not one to ever miss a trend or to start one, Natori’s Feathers Collection bra and panties in the animal print are  keepers if you can find them, they launched a while ago but are timeless and if you are lucky to find any piece in your size, capture it immediately.

 Fashion Illustration by Tina Wilson of Natori Feather Bra exclusively for Lingerie Briefs

If anyone shows us how to be “wild things”, its Helen Sanchez. Her printed lace trimmed silks are fierce, sexy and refined but never tame. Thank you Helen for showing us how it is done.

 Fashion Illustration by Tina Wilson of Helen Sanchez Lingerie exclusively for Lingerie Briefs

I love cheetah, leopard, tiger, zebra, and sometimes giraffe (though I shamefully admit to getting leopard and cheetah confused). Perhaps it is the possibility that soon we will have cleansed the planet of many of these beautiful creatures that have brought on this renewed wave of passion for them, I hope so.  I hope they are around for at least a few hundred more years, but the climate and the poaching and laws that say it’s okay to kill them create much doubt.

Fashion Illustration by Tina Wilson of Helen Sanchez Lingerie exclusively for Lingerie Briefs

Goddess has a fresh approach to bras for the larger cupped girl, its semi- sheer bands and crisp version of printed spots is delightful.

Fashion Illustration by Tina Wilson of Goddess bra exclusively for Lingerie Briefs

One of my favorite approaches to printing animals comes from Olivia Von Halle, who literally prints the animal, namely a tiger on brilliant shades of charmeuse.  They are printed all over or simply placed on pockets.  They are whimsical and they are ready to pounce.

Fashion Illustration by Tina Wilsonof Oivia von Halle pajamas exclusively for Lingerie Briefs

I merely skimmed the surface of fauna inspired intimates, hosiery, and accessories, so put on your gear and join the safari, go in search of your favorite creature armed with your credit card…..Happy Hunting!


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