Simone Perele Comete Full Cup t shirt bra as featured on Lingerie BriefsFeminine mystique: nothing quite defines it better than French Lingerie. Elegant, timeless yet, always of the moment, the Simone Pérèle brand has been making this point for the past 75 years.  Each piece is created with delicate details that expertly express the brand’s exquisite design aesthetic. Known for their ever-comfortable fit, Simone Perele continues to successfully establish life-changing bras that satisfy women’s intimate needs worldwide. These best-selling all-star styles are just a few examples of … Read More

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leonisa shaping swimwear as featured on Lingerie BriefsWhat sets the Leonisa Swimwear Collection apart? The combination of fit, flair and function. This season the brand launches a stunning assortment of bathing suits that deliver the shaping power for which Leonisa is renowned. Each piece offers hi-tech details camouflaged by innovative design details. For example, the multi-way swimsuit can be morphed from a skirted style into an asymmetrically draped silhouette. Further it transforms into a belted alternative that accentuates the waist. It’s a … Read More


Evelyn & Bobbie Moonstone Lace Defy Bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Monday, as every USA news channel spewed, was the solar eclipse. In Los Cabos Mexico, we were privy to a perspective just short of the 100% vision seen on the direct track. Nonetheless, it was quite a spectacle.  One of the phenomena we did experience was the decreasing of temperature and the waning of light. It didn’t go dark. It grew dusky. It was a brief interlude of calm before the noon … Read More


DSTM Don't Shoot the Messenger wirefree creative luxury lingerie including bodywear, bodysuits as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Founded in 2009 by Canadian designer Jen Gilpin, DSTM – that’s short for Don’t Shoot the Messengers – is an underwire-free brand making creative lingerie, lingerie and lounge-inspired outerwear, and versatile, multi-occasional bodywear.

DSTM Don't Shoot the Messenger wirefree creative luxury lingerie including bodywear, bodysuits as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Think tank tops with attached thigh straps, full body (though sometimes backless or butt-less!) catsuits, and all manner of mesh and cut out-detailed crop tops and bodysuits. With a primarily black color palette, the brand’s aesthetic is graphic, modern … Read More


“What becomes a legend most.” A testimonial! That’s why we decided to hold court in honor of Natori’s iconic Feathers bra. Born in 2009, it has spawned a multifaceted collection of intimates and sleepwear styles and has remained on the top of the sale’s pyramid for multiple years. The initial design separated this bra from the field. This demi plunge silhouette is combined with a molded mesh and signature Italian lace. … Read More


Calida Lingerie Cosy Collections in merino wool and silk for Fall 2024 as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I love dogs. So perhaps it was the husky featured in Calida’s Fall 2024 Cosy Collection campaign (cozy as we Americans say)  that sparked my interest at the recent trade shows. However, I am more inclined to think that the peaceful palette as well as the classic styling was responsible. No matter the cause, this combination of these creative layering pieces are the epitome of the brand’s DNA; ‘a fusion of comfort, … Read More

Fit Fully Yours Jade Lace collection featured on Lingerie BriefsThe Fit Fully Yours brand is beloved for its extensive range of bra sizes as well as their equisite designs and fit. This spring, their newest collection: JADE LACE is a stunning set in black, featuring modern fishnet-like lace styling with decorative lace accents for a touch of elegance.

Fit Fully Yours Jade Lace bra in black featured on Lingerie BriefsThe Jade/BLACK Bra (#B32405) is designed with a 4-part construction with sheer mesh, lace covered cups that provide phenominal lift and support. The fit of … Read More

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