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Holiday Fashion Illustrations by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa,‘tis the season.  It is the season for us to remember that tolerance is a virtue, no matter who or what you worship, if you worship at all.  I will not attempt to make a logical connection between lingerie and religion. What I will do instead is showcase some beautiful holiday self purchases, gifts and stocking stuffers. There is a lot of beautiful merchandise out there waiting for you and while it is typical to focus on robes and pj sets as they are perfect gifts, I wanted to “dream” a little sexier.

Holiday Fashion Illustrations, NKiMode, by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

NKMODE has a lovely enticer with winding back straps in red, be inspired to purchase the Estrella Superstar red silk gown, if no one buys it for you, then buy it for yourself.

Holiday Fashion Illustrations, Taryn Winters, by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

I am a big Taryn Winters fan, her flirty georgette number while sheer could be fantastic worn out with … ...Read more


Painting by Sofia Echeverri at the Patricia Mendoza Gallery as seen on Lingerie Briefs

Last week, while breakfasting in the courtyard of The Patricia Mendoza Gallery in San Jose del Cabo, I had another of my Lise Charmel Lingerie revelations. It’s hard to lock down exactly what inspired me. I think it was the lack of commercialism and the aspirational element of serious works by established talent. Perhaps it was the unexpected method of display or the preponderance of blues that seemed to infuse the environment. But of this I am certain, the art displayed here is unique, investment worthy and certainly best suited for a connoisseur of the industry.

Lise Charmel Nuit Elegance demi cup bra on Lingerie Briefs

Purposeful, or simply coincidental: at that moment, I drew a correlation to the beauty and balance of this Lise Charmel’s Nuit Elegance collection. The paintings and sculptures in the studio are as artfully positioned as the elements of design in these exquisite intimates. Shades of sapphire are threaded into magnificent guipure embroidery on multi thread black tulle that is framed by a luxurious Calais lace. Embracing the female torso so artfully, each style tells its own sensual story. Four bras 32-40, A-E cups, 6 panties, S-XXL, 2 slip S-L and a few sexy extras insure plenty of gift giving choice.

Lise Charmel Nuit Elegance chemise on Lingerie Briefs

The reason I love the Lise Charmel brand is the same reason I enjoy the discovery of a fine art gallery whose purpose is not solely monetary. Art, like lingerie, should be visceral, an emotional discovery. It’s not about affording it. It’s really about the experience.

“The Principles of True Art Is Not To Portray, But To Evoke” ~Jerzy Kosinski


Natori Ginza reversible robe with Obi print on Lingerie Briefs

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary. We’ve been together 43 years, way past half our lives. No one thought it would last. We are extreme opposites; the turtle and the hare. We are a study in contradiction, but the thing about counter intuitive unions is that if the underlying infrastructure is simpatico, it can be a force with which to reckon. We have and have always had the same values. And I have always been attracted by the juxtaposition of ideas.

Natori Ginza Collection on Lingerie Briefs

That is why it’s no surprise that I am intrigued with Natori’s Ginza collection. These charismatic pieces are a correlation of visual opposites that are perfectly balanced. Using color and print to blur design boundaries, Natori has created a rich selection of holiday loungewear that challenges tradition while sustaining the essence of the brand DNA. Anchoring this selection is a reversible 52”robe (XS-XL) that combines a dynamic floral print with a traditional graphic pattern.  The marriage of these two unique trends into  a contemporary design statement is classic Natori. Inner Wear, Outer Wear, Casual Wear, Every Wear, this brand is a sanctuary of comfort and style.

“There Are Sanctuaries Holding Honey and Salt” ~Carl Sandburg



Anita Maternity lingerie on Lingerie BriefsAnita

For a long time, babies were something that never crossed my mind. As someone who had picked dogs and a business over children, they didn’t seem relevant to my life experience — until I hit my early 30’s. All of the sudden, babies are everywhere! My friends are having babies and posting about morning sickness on social media. I end up picking out baby clothes on a regular basis for other people’s kids, sometimes just for fun. But mostly, what I’ve learned is that babies are hard and complicated and rewarding in the most surprising ways and moments. While I’ve traditionally written for the full bust and plus-size market, I’ve also worked extensively with clients who sell maternity bras. Many companies now have crossover products (think Cake and Sugar Candy, for example) and many of the same principles are at work in both market segments.

Sugar Candy lingerie on Lingerie BriefsSugar ...Read more


Ellipse Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

In the interest of Nature, the quest for a more sustainable future and a nod to Mother Earth, lingerie holds a formidable position in the fashion world this year. Flowers are always relevant but it is how they are interpreted that empowers the story. The 30+ year old Colombian based Ellipse Lingerie brand, which I have already recognized for their beautiful bridal lingerie, peaks my interest each season with their unique design aesthetic: a tongue and cheek combination of sass and seduction. This time it’s the Botanical collection, a range of intimates utilizing a velvet touch of flowery prints and embroideries to define the bras and panties. Framed by a floral printed kimono that is the centerpiece of this garden of lingerie delights, the entire group is a gift bonanza for a December bride as well as a contemporary young woman. What entices me about Ellipse is their fortitude in the Latin American Market whose growing influence in North America cannot be denied.

Ellipse Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Ellipse Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Ellipse Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Ellipse Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Ellipse Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Ellipse Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

“The Soul Cannot Thrive in the Absence of a Garden” ~Sir Thomas More


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