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By ELLEN LEWISEvelyn & Bobbie Defy Bra with patented EB Core Technology as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Bree McKeen of Evelyn & Bobbie featured on Lingerie BriefsI was thrilled to discover that Bree McKeen, founder and owner of the Evelyn & Bobbie brand was scheduled to speak in Paris at Jos Berry’s VIP trend presentation. I feel a personal bond to Bree, her staff and the company’s product. They deserve the accolades attributed to them, no “favoritism” involved.

True, I have become a die-hard fan, but my adulation is absolutely built on results. The brand, originally launched in … Read More

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Evelyn & Bobbie wirefree bras in Midnight Blue as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Christian Dior once said: “Midnight Blue is the Only Color That Can Compete with Black.” And from my own personal point of view, I agree. Born into the New York fashion culture of black attire, dark navy has seeped into my everyday wardrobe over the past decade. Sophisticated, elegant, and empowering, Midnight Blue has become the new black.  No Wonder Evelyn & Bobbie has been so incredibly successful with their recent launch (October) of this … Read More

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By ELLEN LEWISEvelyn & Bobbie Defy Bra and Brief as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Monday, I spent 12 hours at Disneyland with my two granddaughters, ages 2 and 3. Joy was the order of the day. Joy on their faces, joy in the entertainment and joy in the comfort of my Evelyn & Bobbie Defy bra which stayed the course through long lines and 13,000 steps. The Little Mermaid’s Ariel was (is) the obsession. Of course, Ariel does not wear an Evelyn & Bobbie bra. But … Read More

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Evelyn & Bobbie Leopard Print Bobbie Bra and Panty s featured on Lingerie Briefs

Diana Vreeland once said, “I never met a leopard print I didn’t like.”  Respected for her style insights, she was considered a fashion doyenne and on target with trends. Clearly, Evelyn & Bobbie is of the same mindset as they expand their leopard print range from four styles to seven. Presently a fan favorite; the popularity of the pattern in the Defy, Beyond and Evelyn bras as well as the high waisted bikini proves the … Read More

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Evelyn & Bobbie Starlette Plunge Wirefree Bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Evelyn & Bobbie spices up their wirefree bra repertoire with the debut of a new sexy style, the Starlette Plunge. Launching this August, Starlette is a reiteration of the popular Beyond Bra. Using the same design elements, adjustable straps and hook and eye back closure, it has been shaped with scaled back lines and given a deep neckline to enhance the bodice. The Starlette Plunge, like all of Evelyn & Bobbie’s styles, is uniquely constructed … Read More

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Evelyn & Bobbie Evelyn wirefree bra in champagne ginkgo print as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Uncork the bubbly! Evelyn & Bobbie celebrate summer with their new Champagne Ginkgo print. Delivering later this month in their patented wirefree Beyond and Evelyn bras as well as the matching high waisted retro bikini, this is the ideal print to wear with a light and airy summer wardrobe. It is the perfect intersection of beauty and function. Incorporating Evelyn & Bobbie’s EB Core™ back and side smoothing technology, these styles never compromise lift or … Read More

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Evelyn & Bobbie Scoop Bralette in Himalayan Salt as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The Bobbie Scoop, the newest bralette innovation from Evelyn & Bobbie takes their patented EB Core® technology to another level. Maintaining the same comfort and lift as the original pull-on Defy bra, this style promises the fashion freedom that customers have requested. This “lighter” version with reduced coverage has a scooped-out neckline and narrower straps but is still as seamless, smooth, and invisible under clothing as any of the brand’s other bralette offers (Defy, Beyond … Read More

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