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The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress, made famous by Coco Chanel when she introduced it in Vogue in 1926, has endured because it is an icon of good taste. This ubiquitous style has served for almost a century as a wardrobe staple that a woman can dress up or dress down. A symbol of understated elegance accessible at many income levels has positioned it as a classic fashion necessity. Personally, I have owned some version of the “LBD” for as long as I can remember, wearing it to work, to dinner, to casual parties and even to weddings. Capturing the mood with accessories is the secret and let’s face it, black is both chic and seductive. In fact, I even have one here in Mexico which, in the 5 years I have lived here, I have worn exactly once.

Rosa Faia Little Black Swimsuit on Lingerie Briefs
Instead, the little black dress in Cabo San Lucas is the “little black bathing suit”. This Rosa Faia Swimwear image clarifies why. A solid black bathing suit is versatile, forgiving, polished, alluring and ageless. The traditional black tank suit which dominates my personal beachwear in Mexico, is prevalent everywhere; the ocean, poolside, the marina and even under colorful cover ups seen around town. This particular design is part of the incredible breadth of selection available from the well-established Rosa Faia Swimwear brand. Its extensive customer base, including me, is founded on their expert engineering, detailed construction, and broad fit range (A-I cups). But the appeal is that these fundamentals are invisible to the eye, elevating even a sleek black swimsuit to a simple fashion statement. It doesn’t matter where you live, one can never own too much black. It’s just how you wear it that makes the difference.

“I Imposed Black; It’s Still Going Strong Today, For Black Wipes Out Everything Else Around” ~Coco Chanel

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