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Cool Burst by Adolf Gottlieb at Christies on Lingerie BriefsMy first exciting encounter with the color red was at an Adolf Gottlieb art retrospective at the Whitney Museum when I was 18. Gottlieb’s Burst series changed my perspective on Abstract Expressionism. As I stood transfixed before these canvases covered with dramatic gestures and careful brushstrokes, I understood the duality of purpose he wished to convey. These paintings were alive, pulsating with intent and full of emotion. They were empowering.

Lise Charmel Dressing Floral collection in Red on Lingerie Briefs

I don’t know exactly why the Lise Charmel brand so often evokes art memories such as this for me. It is not just the technical expertise for which this French Lingerie Atelier is known. Maybe it is in the embodiment of the design process; the way each style relays a message that goes far beyond the obvious. With Lise Charmel, there is always a thought provocative story that inspires the collection. I love discussing this with Sandra Jones, the U.S. Director of The Lise Charmel Group. This month we decided to zero in on the new addition of dressing solaire (the color RED) to the bestselling “Dressing Floral” collection. As soon as I reviewed these pieces, Gottlieb’s red and black Burst paintings came to mind. Lise Charmel’s red, a ‘true red’ can actually be substituted for a ‘nude’.  Although not true for all underwear in this bright hue, this version, because of its blue undertones, disappears under clothes. That makes it a viable basic, which it has become. The duality of purpose, to function as well as impassion, is the hallmark of the Lise Charmel and Eprise mission. Coupling this with the exclusive guipure embroidery and lace appliqued on devoré silk, it’s pretty difficult to deny the charisma of this color. These styles ranging in sizes XS – XXL and 32 – 40, B-H cups capture a dichotomy of moods, sensual, seductive, and serious. The entire assortment will be showcased on the next Lise Charmel Spotlight, so stay tuned.

“There is a Shade of Red for Every Woman” Audrey Hephurn

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