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The Luxury of Jane Woolrich Couture on Lingerie Briefs

Here we are on the cusp of 2019, the week between Christmas and New Year’s when even if it’s not your personal holiday, half the world’s population is at bay. Food, family and frustration hold court between two global celebrations interrupting life’s daily flow. It’s a love-hate affair for many of us and still we persevere, year after year. This season, it is especially prescient: the political arena is in free fall, familial norms are dissipating and cultural standards are at war.   Escape seems the best elixir. We can’t solve the world’s problems at Lingerie Briefs, but I can use the platform to find beauty in the beast.

The Luxury of Jane Woolrich Couture on Lingerie Briefs

This brings me to Jane Woolrich, one of the Lingerie industry’s most seductive design talents. I know Jane personally; her elegant, British persona is a study of feminine grace. Her designs emulate her unique aesthetic. Her collections reflect artistry almost extinct in today’s fast and furious retail environment. They are a study of the essence of lingerie, exquisitely wrought underpinnings whose value is defined by hand hewn details:  hand sewn, richly appliqued luxury fabrics and leavers laces.  The dichotomy of Jane’s vision, from playful corsetry to glamorous sleepwear has made the Jane Woolrich brand a fixture of elegance in the Intimate Apparel venue since 1985. The brand, recently redefined as Jane Woolrich Couture, will focus in 2019, on its retail partners and an expanded on line presence, including a future plan for wholesale orders. Recognizing the power of the omnichannel purview, Jane joins a growing faction of couture designers whose custom appeal is being nurtured on line. When seeking succor from a flagellating world, Jane’s workmanship s a peerless diversion

The Luxury of Jane Woolrich Couture on Lingerie Briefs

“We Don’t Create a Fantasy World to Escape Reality,
We Create It to be able to Stay” ~Lynda Barry

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