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Superbe Paris lingerie in The Gallery on Lingerie Briefs

I never met a sparkle I didn’t like.  In fact, when I attended the Salon International de la Lingerie with Ellen (January 2018), I was frequently adding animated sparkle effects to many of the Instagram Stories I was posting, simply because on social media more is more.  One of the brands I discovered in Paris that takes the same approach when it comes to its abundance of gold, glitter and sequins is Superbe.

Designed in France “for all womankind”, this creative, punk rock chic label specializes in creating eye-catching panties.   Created in sizes XS-XL, the underwear materials range from gold lame, velvet and sequins, to cuts that are high-waisted and regular-rise.  There’s no room for shrinking violets here; these panties are meant for under clothing or simply on their own!  There’s even a fun selection of embroidered styles with cheeky phrases and innuendo.  The … ...Read more


Lenny Niemeyer 2018 Swimwear collection on Lingerie Briefs

Just last week we had Tina’s blog post make mention of the Almodóvar film “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!” and then there was Holly’s guest post featuring strappy bondage-inspired bras, and here we are with this week’s post that borrows references from both.  The Brazilian swimwear brand, Lenny Niemeyer, is a luxury swimwear label that specializes in glamorous looks with distinctive style elements.   This eponymous label creatively applies linear and geometric motifs to many of its styles; resulting in strappy swimsuit designs unlike anything we’ve ever seen.  Additionally, many of the designs are architecturally inspired, as evidenced by the clean lines on its swimwear that are created with a clever usage of straps, ropes and knots.   There are even a few styles that are distinctly Shibari-inspired, making those particular items provocative and bold.  Whether bondage-inspired or not, the common thread between each collection is sophistication.  … ...Read more


Undress Code featured in The Gallery on Lingerie Briefs

Looking through the S/S2018 images for Undress Code, I can’t help but smile.  I feel as though the entire campaign was made with me in mind:  the geometric artistic direction in each photo along with the playful contrasting color palette, and the modern designs of the collection itself. Think of Mondrian, a 20th century pioneer in the evolution of figurative painting to abstract form.

The focus of the brand is to create collections that are powerful and feminine, and with its bold lines and unfussy style, it appears to do just that.  Each piece is designed to be worn on a daily basis, and considering most of its designs are seamless, you really have no excuse not to wear it.  The entire collection is meant to be convenient to wear without compromising style, which is essentially what most women want in their wardrobe.

Launched in 2015 … ...Read more


F.R.S. For Restless Sleepers on Lingerie Briefs

Let’s face it, we’ve heard quite a bit about the trend of wearing pajamas as outerwear, but it can be a bit daunting for the average woman to pull off.  Many luxury PJ brands do a beautiful job styling their designs to create inspiring ready-to-wear looks, but for some of us (ahem, myself), styling PJs as outerwear ends up looking precisely like that; simply wearing pajamas outside the house.  That’s where F.R.S. (For Restless Sleepers) comes in to save the day.  In my opinion, it’s mainly an outerwear brand that has a loungewear-inspired look (and not the other way around).  There’s just a bit more structure in the pajama-looking styles that distinguish this label as something meant for outside the bedroom; it looks like an intentional loungewear-as-outerwear ensemble.  Notice how you see traditional pajama details like piping and matching patterned tops and bottoms, but you also … ...Read more


Le Petit Trou Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

I recently had the pleasure of joining Ellen at last month’s Salon International de la Lingerie, and what an awesome opportunity it was! I had previously attended the show a handful of times when I owned my lingerie boutique, but this time had the luxury of participating as a spectator, capturing eye-catching collections on my camera for Lingerie Briefs’ social media.  Of course, my former participation as a buyer came right back to me, and I had a slight tinge of remorse over no longer having a wholesale license to engage in my typical buying style of “one for me, one for the store…”.  One such brand that had me feeling particularly eager to write an order (all for me) was Le Petit Trou.

I featured this Polish lingerie brand on Lingerie Briefs one year ago, and am pleased to show their latest collection alongside what … ...Read more

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