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Leaflets Laundry Care by the Forever Group as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Comfort and convenience is a motivating force in the lingerie business today. We are always looking for fresh, innovative and creative ways to make our lives more comfortable.  Can laundry detergent help?  Leaflets, coming soon from the Forever Group, answers the call.

Leaflets are simple laundry sheets that replace powders and liquids when washing clothes, by hand or in a machine. Although the concept is not completely new, this particular brand stands apart. Using … Read More

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A wedding is all about full-on attention, which any bride deserves. But it’s not about over-exposure. Let’s face it, every bride welcomes a little umph (of some kind) on her special day, but I guarantee, she doesn’t want a nip-slip while walking down the aisle. So, it’s very serendipitous that the Forever Group’s BeConfident® solutions brand is available to perform its magic. These handy lingerie accessories are focused entirely on elevating a woman’s confidence, not … Read More

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By ELLEN LEWISSplash Swim Wash from The Forever Group as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Summer is nigh and based on the explosion of tourism in my Mexican home base, I am not surprised to learn that bathing suit sales are in the headwinds. This year it’s all about bikinis, not masks. That fact coupled with a sustainable conscience is why I feel so strongly about investing, not only in quality swimwear, but also in the process of caring for it. Splash is a revolutionary wash dedicated … Read More

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Tumbler Pure Wool Dryer Balls sustainable laundry solution as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I love these Tumbler™ Pure Wool Dryer Balls gifted to me several years ago from the Forever Group. I tried them, wary of their mission claim “to encourage eco-friendly drying and eliminate toxic dryer sheets.” But always in search of a great product with a terrific backstory, I decided to learn more. I discovered this everyday artisanal product was not only functional but very deserving of a new generation’s attention.  I was … Read More

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By Ellen Lewis

Fashion Care Laundry Wash as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Einstein and Picasso. The combination of science and art is why the Lingerie world inspires me.  This is exactly why I am pleased to welcome The Forever Group  to our Partner Spotlight. This Canadian company is driven by entrepreneur Robert French, whose intimate’s roots were birthed in the 1980’s while working in his mother’s lingerie stores. Not exactly his cup of tea, and a passionate scientist, he zeroed in on a lingerie … Read More

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