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Ellen Lewis
Ellen Lewis

Greetings.  Each week (and sometimes more often) I’ll be sharing new articles, ideas and opinions on the intimate apparel industry.  I welcome your comments and look forward to having you as a regular subscriber to Lingerie Briefs!


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  1. R. Andrade says:

    Hello Ellen,
    Congratulations on your site. It is well composed and the graphics are soft and romantic. This is a great outlet for your creativity and organizational genius!

  2. Carole Hochman says:

    Hi Ellen,It is exciting to be part of your blog and share your passion for my lifetime focus. I have been involved with designing lingerie for over 40 years and love what i do.

  3. Eddie Aronoff says:

    Terrific, Ellen! The site looks great, too. Wonderful stuff.

  4. Hilary says:

    This is great Ellen! I miss our conversations. I can’t wait to read more!
    All the best, Hilary

  5. Sherry Shapiro says:

    Hi Ellen,
    This is great. Sounds like you are really enjoying having a place to express your love for lingerie.

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