Inspiration is Everywhere

 In early June, I went to the New York Botanical Gardens  to see the spring Dutch Bulb display, but what really intrigued me were the plethora of peonies wrapped around the main greenhouse.  Layers of petals unfold when a peony blossoms.   big pink peony (2) (1)The inside of a pink peony is a perfect metaphor for spring 2010 lingerie. It is silky, soft, cool, light, a statement of sensual innocence.  Look at the stamen and imagine three delicate birds, their tiny fuzzy heads reaching up from a coral peony smwispy yellow nest, open purple mouths waiting for nourishment.   Mixing textures, pale pastels, lush flowers, deep purple and yellow highlights are key trends going forward.


Inspiration comes from everywhere.


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  1. Mina Koo says:

    Hi Ellen

    Love your blog…it’s beautiful and inspirational
    I can’t agree more…inspiration comes from everywhere…
    Serena can’t wait to talk to you about her horse.
    See you in August~

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