State of Grace

TriggerHorses are my passion! This is Trigger. He belongs to my friend Gale and I have a tremendous crush on him. Horseback riding is a sport I took up, just 5 years ago and now, I ride every week. I have decided that moving in tandem with a horse is being in a state of grace.


For me, comfort during sports has always been a challenge. I have struggled with finding a sports bra that really fits, shapes, and even flatters. The fact is, I am larger than a D cup with an average band size. I need real support and personally, I do not want to feel as if I am wrapped in a bandage.


Recently, while shopping at  Bella Intimates in Rye, N.H., I discovered the perfect sports bra from   Wacoal ,   style # 855170. What makes it so amazing, is the innovative construction. The covered wires are on the outside of the bra, so only moisture wicking fabric touches the skin. Convertible straps with 8 separate hook adjustments allow for the slightest necessary change in position. It separates, supports, and sustains its shape. Wacoal 855170


Last week my husband asked me if I was wearing a new bra, because the t-shirt I was wearing looked so good. I find that now I wear it for a lot more than riding. I feel in sync with myself and that is another way of being in a state of grace.



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  1. […] in the country. On a personal note, it was the first real supportive sports bra I ever owned and the subject of our very first blog on Lingerie Briefs. Fitting 32-42 bands, C-H cup, it was/is a true all-star product long before the current trend […]

  2. Lin Bermas says:

    I love your blog. Do they make that bra without wires???? Does anyone have old fashioned nightgowns on sale?

  3. Theresa Macri says:

    I’m really enjoying your blogs so far! And, I have a request for a topic ..
    I’m a small breasted woman who has been on a constant search for a bra that is just right for me.

    Please know that I love my small breasts and thankfully, gravity has not played greatly into effect. The difficulty I struggle with is that I don’t want a push-up, padded, enhancing, make me look like something I’m not, yada, yada.. bra, but rather one that fits and lets me be me! Small and feminine.

    The bra you mentioned in your last article looked promising – except the smallest since is a 32C. I’m either a 30 or 32B.

    I would love it if you can write a segment on the special needs for the smaller woman. Again, focusing on the right flattering fit, rather than trying to make us bigger than we are.

    Thanks, Ellen, and I look forward to your next blog!

  4. Joe Smith says:

    Dear Ellen, I am so happy to hear how pleased you are with your Wacoal sports bra. Since introducing this style in February of this year, we have received tremendous success at retail and incredible testimonials from consmers and shop owners alike.

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