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lace  kate 2For me, Teddy Roosevelt’s famous quote:  “Speak softly and carry a big stick” has always informed my approach to communication.  Keep the dialog warm, calm, and open but make sure it is powered by an infrastructure of facts.   My opinion is that this is the most productive way to make a statement.

I visited the Premiere Vision Preview show in NYC last week.  The show was small and not particularly dynamic, BUT one message kept running through my mind as I reviewed the fabrics and colors presented for 2010.  There was a clear statement of softness and light supported by a solid industrial foundation.  Roosevelt’s quote kept running through my mind.

 These shows can be very esoteric, so I always try to focus on one idea that impacts my world.  Lace,  the quintessential fabric in lingerie product,  articulated the show’s theme clearly.    The lace patterns at the PV show had intense dimensions.  They were exaggerated, massive, and flamboyant.  Light, airy, geometric and open backgrounds were infused with metallic threads, feathers, and ornate cording.  Designs shied away from floral in favor of paisley, leaf and vine motifs.  There was nothing understated here, yet these laces were elegant, soft, and sparkled with light. 

They definitely make a statement.lace k 4



 “At their best, my work reflects a balance between delicacy and strength” …… Katherine Mangiardi





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