Since the age of 16, when I spent a summer living with a family above their cheese factory in Reims, France, I have been enamored by the elegance and savoir-faireaesthetic of the French culture. Maybe it was the Veuve Clicquot champagne that was served freely at the dinner table, or the chocolate éclairs I managed to overeat while exploring the plethora of patisseries with my teenage friends.

In college, while studying the art and language that is at the heart of the French psyche, I could not ignore the elements of style and taste that inform this seductive society.    

The French have an uncanny ability to incorporate feminine charm and exquisite detail into the everyday fabric of their lives.

They just have a certain “savoir-faire”.

  There is a reason why fashion, flair and sophistication have become a 8007~Lingerie-I-Posterstrademark of the French lifestyle.The Chantelle brand embodies the charm of French allure. That is why when I first saw Chantelle’s gorgeous Rive Gauche Collection, illustrated by the sexy elegance of this t-shirtbra # 3086, I knew that I was looking at a best seller. My insight was correct. So successful at retail, Chantelle will introduce, in spring 2010, #3286, a full coverage version for larger sizes. The balance of quality and artistry captured in this everyday bra will be available for every woman who aspires to luxury and comfort.

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