Ripe With Passion

readingbookWhen I was a teenager, I was very taken by the work of D.H. Lawrence. I was particularly enamored by the novel Sons and Lovers and I fell in love with a passage in the book where Gerald schools Hermione on how to eat a fig. All of Lawrence’s poetic writing was ripe with passion. He said:

 “Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.”

These missives came to mind eating figslast week when I had the opportunity to preview the sexy, new lingerie line from Brazil, Fruit De La Passion. Manufactured with the finest quality fabrics, embroidery, laces and ribbons, and in many pieces Swarovski crystals, it evokes a sophisticated femininity and sensuality. This 15 year old company will make its North American debut at the CurveNV lingerie show in Las Vegas on August 31. Already an obsession for women who shop in high-end boutiques in South America and Europe, the Fruit De La Passion day and nightwear collections are beautiful, seductive and elegant. Combining the lush allure of the latin mystique with french flair, this exquisite and beautifully tailored lingerie makes its entrance into the luxury market.



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