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bcLast week-end we tailgated at my son’s Boston College football game. Since it was a rainy September day and we managed to get a spot in the campus garage, our table was a popular destination. At least thirty plus students attended. The weather was very fickle;  damp and chilly before the game, sunny and warm in the bleachers. The kids seemed to manage the changing conditions with youthful nonchalance but I, for one, was glad to be wearing my Body Bark t-shirt under my sweatshirt. Not once did I feel discomfort in the vacillating temperatures.

Body Bark is my latest Intimate discovery. It was like wearing a second skin, buttery soft and  invisible under my clothes, but sexy and feminine when worn by itself. Made of MicroModal, this natural fiber fabric actually breathes. Wicking away moisture while holding in body heat, I also managed to stay cool in the afternoon sun. Body Bark Crew NeckThis is a collection of simple and sensual undergarments developed on the botanical principles of sustaining the earth and the multiple demands of a woman’s day. Returning home late that night,  I actually fell asleep in my Body Bark  t-shirt.  It feels so great,  I was reminded of the quote by Amand Singh:

“I was warmed by the sun, rocked by the winds and sheltered by the trees…….
I can go everywhere with a good feeling.”

Available at

I.C. London,  North Carolina
Molly’s of Denver,  Colorado
La Petite Coquette,  New York City
Adrienne Clarisse,   Illinois 

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    Body Bark is also available at Le Boudoir- Evergreen Co

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