In the Zone

ny-yankeesIt is October in New York. The New York Yankees are in the post season playoffs and I have become a devotee by default.  The men in my life are obsessed.  One of the lessons this iconic American sport teaches is to perform at top levels, an athlete needs to be “in the zone”.   That means feeling comfortable in your own skin and having the confidence to believe you can do it.  Digging deep to find your best stuff requires proper preparation.  You can’t train well if you don’t have the right equipment.

 That is why I am so enamored by Shock Absorber, Europe’s number one sport’s bra brand.  Understanding the differences in the female form as it powers through a variety of sports is the hallmark of this label. Recognizing the way exercise enables a woman’s self esteem connects this product with the essence of Intimate Apparel. 

After wearing their Max Sports Bra Top # 4490 for both horseback riding and yoga, sa bkI have become a real fan.  This is a sporty crop top with an internal wireless cup made in a high performance fabric that is available in sizes 28 A through 40 HH.  Its’ technical details make this an undergarment that not only encourages performance but facilitates a sense of well being.  It’s nice to do good things for yourself and feel great in the process!

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