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binocularsMy grandfather traveled from Russia to America at the age of 12 looking for a better life.  His quest ended in Ohio as the owner of an upscale dress boutique from which he travelled to New York several times a year to search for the newest fashion ideas to satisfy his stylish customers.  His passion for innovation and instincts for saleable items fueled the growth of his retail legacy.  He had a merchant’s heart.  I wonder if I inherited his merchandising DNA.  From the moment I started my career, my greatest thrill has been the discovery of a new product and the belief, somewhere in my gut, that presented correctly, it would generate profit.  I have always referred to it as “the thrill of the kill”.

That is why when I discovered The Coobie Bra, while visiting one of my client’s stores, Underdressed, in Dobbs Ferry, NY, I was inspired.  Here was a basic item, marketed in a fun, sassy and unique new way.   I have had so many inquiries from women searching for a soft, simple, comfortable bra that could actually enhance a smaller bust.  Constructed in a supple nylon and Lycra fabric, the Coobie comes with removable pads  so that it actually satisfies sizes 32A through 36D.  An extra pair of clear straps supports its fashion versatility.  What makes me so excited is its key item potential.  It is available in seven colors, at a great price and even better, one size really fits most.  Add to this fact that layering is a major trend this spring and my intuition tells me that the Coobie bra is a home run.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”… Marcel Proust9012 purple 300 7693a cr

Available at:

Underdressed:  Dobbs Ferry, New York

Bellefleur Lingerie:  Seattle, Washington

Braserie Dearie:  Erie, Pennsylvania

Harps Lingerie: Birmingham, Michigan

Milky Way:  Crested Butte, Colorado

Hattie:  Ojai, California

Lil Lingerie Shop:  Pharr, Texas

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  1. betsy karp says:

    Ellen, I love hearing about your grandfather and how history repeats itself. you definitely got his knack for finding that special something! love that Coobie bra. look forward to getting it. thanks for discovering the (continued… click betsy’s name above…) wonderful find. I am so inspired by your blog , your insight and your ability to join the arts with reality….

  2. Gail Ropel says:

    I am curious about the removable pads. The pads can definitely provide a contour look for a 32B or those gals with the more petite bustline. It looks like a nice non structured bra- soft and comfortable for those looking for that.

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