Sleep With Yours Dreams


Some of the members of my clan are just a little bit dachshund obsessed.  It’s a legacy passed down through the females in my family over the past three generations.  I grew up with these rambunctious, impish, wiener dogs whose curious and feisty personalities and funky body shape have been humorous fodder for a plethora of teasing ( mostly by the men in our lives).    There has been Slinky, Sam, Ripples, Rocky, Bear, Libby and Elvis.  These mischievous little hounds are hunters at heart, exploring possibilities that inevitably get them in trouble.  Their rambunctious, bold demeanors are offset by goofy, loving behavior that endears them to their owners and inevitably results in total human manipulation.  I admit that my daughter and I are hot dog groupies, but no one is quite as possessed as my sister, Beth.  She rescues them from damaged environments, currently providing foster care to six pups, besides her own. They are her passion.

So, it’s not surprising that I felt compelled  to send her this Munki Munki classic cotton poplin PJ  (1125) asMUNKI125dogs a gift.  These soft woven 100% cotton sleep sets created by Creative Apparel Concepts provide quirky and playful personal statements.   This one is called WEINER DOGS: hold the mustard.    Munki  Munki designs  celebrate the eccentric in every woman.         Available in six sizes XS through X XL,   these original prints are perfect pajamas for the ardent collector.  Sleep in what you dream about.

“The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.” ~Samuel Butler

Available At:


The Pajama Store:  Danville, California

The Children’s Hour:  Salt Lake City, Utah

Environs:  Chicago, Illinois

Belladonna Day Spa:  New Orleans, Louisiana


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  1. Robin Moglia says:

    Munki Munki designs unique whimsical patterns. PJs are quality cotton poplins and flannels. At Linger, we’ve had a fun response to their products. The sock monkeys were a particularly big hit – looking forward to their updated version of it for fall!

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