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IMG00373-20100427-1250Last week my husband and I embarked on a road trip to the California Baha Sur in Mexico and the Southwest USA.  Given the gift of time, a result of unexpected life’s circumstances, we decided to explore some locales that despite extensive travel throughout my life, even I had never visited.  After 10 days in Cabo San Jose and La Paz, we are flying this morning to Arizona, specifically Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  Mexico is an extraordinary place, but more about that later.  On to the more practical side of life.  Preparing for a 3 week expedition required some serious planning, at least on my part.  My husband managed to pack his suitcase in five minutes, his entire inventory tucked neatly into the equivalent space of a carry on bag.  I, on the other hand, managed to fill not only my full size valise, but the remainder of his with a plethora of   “what if I need it” clothing.  I pride myself on my reputation for practicality, but still, I found it necessary to bring at least eight different bras, because who knows what apparel I might wear.

I am one third through this journey and I have to say that the only bra I have worn consistently, thus far, is my Simone Perele Andora molded contour T-shirt bra. It seems to be working with everything (believe me, everything) that I have brought; sundresses, t-shirts and cover-ups.  It’s so soft and light weight, it satisfies my two primary requisites: comfort and support.    This microfiber bra (131343) is constructed with spacer foam that forms air pockets between the top and bottom layers for breathability.  The guipere lace and embroidery design details provide the elegant signature for which the Simone Perele brand is known.  Already a best seller in upscale boutiques across the country, the Andora Collection has been expanded to accommodate curvy girls too (131315). Now, we can all relax in style.

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise, it is not luxury”….Coco Chanel

Available at:SimonePerele-ultimatefit

Sea Cup and Up:  Sarasota, Florida

Barbara’s New Beginnings:  Fort Wayne, Indiana

Adrienne Clarisse:  Libertyville, Illinois

Harps Lingerie:  Birmingham, Michigan

Chrysi’s Lingerie:  Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Zovo Lingerie:  Seattle, Washington

Ma Cheri Et Moi:  Santa Rosa, California

Romantiques:  Los Gatos, California

Night and Day:  Andover, Massachusetts

Trousseau:  Vienna, Virginia

Allure Lingerie:  New York City, New York ( uptown )

Journelle:  New York City, New York ( downtown)





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  1. maureen says:

    hope you had a blast. love your blog

  2. Molly Harris says:

    I can’t say enough good things about the Simone Perele Andora bra. I am very excited they’ve started making it in the 30 bands! People always come back for another when they’ve purchased this bra.

  3. Colleen Bernal says:

    Simone Perele are truly my favorite bras. The quality is superb. If you love the Andora bra, don’t be afraid to try their lace bras. The lace lays nicely and I can wear them under most of my clothes (continued, click Colleen’s name to read) … I frequently hear from my fuller busted customers how surprised they are that a lace bra can still offer real support. I really like that the product is still 100% made in France. It’s a fair labor market product

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