Stay In The Moment

pouring-milkSeveral years ago I began to practice yoga.  At first, my type “A” personality prevented me from understanding the meaning proffered by this ancient discipline.  Staying in the moment was not a concept I embraced.  Life was all about productivity and tangible results.  I look back now on the parent teachers night that my husband and I attended at my daughter’s kindergarten Montessori school  in the late 80’s and remember how we looked at each other sideways when the teacher explained how the children were learning to pour a glass of milk from a pitcher.  We asked ourselves why we were paying tuition for such “unimportant” activities.  It was not until recently, when I was pouring water into the coffee maker, that I fully understood the life lesson she was being taught.  As I focused on the liquid flow spilling smoothly into the empty receptacle,   it was clear that remaining still and steady required a focus and patience that is difficult to embrace in a fast paced environment.  The very act of concentration results in a place of calm and serenity.  The reward is clarity.

Yoga has taught me this lesson.  Working to achieve this state of mind is a continuous effort and wearing effortless apparel  enables the process. Several years ago I purchased my first pair of Blue Canoe organic yoga pants (#C401).  I have a few styles now, but my current favorite is the easy fit bamboo crop pant (#B440). These pants have become a wardrobe essential, not just for yoga but also throughout the day.   The simple fluid shape designed in a cool, supple organically grown cotton guarantees a relaxed state.  Wearing   them constantly throughout my recent trip to Mexico and the Southwest, I was always in my comfort zone.  All the pieces in this casual collection are potential crossover apparel, and personally, I am pleased by the recent introduction of Intimates and the fall 2010 launch of Sleepwear to the Blue Canoe brand. From underwear to outerwear, these garments will never distract from the task at hand.

“The first rule of focus is this:  “Wherever you are, be there””…anonymous


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