Shape Shifting

CBR001106 I saw some beautiful pottery on my recent jaunt to Mexico and the Southwest.  I have always been mesmerized watching a potter shape a beautiful object from such a mundane substance as a lump of wet clay.  The technical skill required seems invisible to the naked eye.  It is all about how the artisan uses his hands and fingers to apply pressure where necessary and release as a counterpoint.  Molding a form so that it fits the artist’s personal vision of a beautiful shape is facilitated by an understanding of the material and a talent for transforming it.

Engineering a fabric in order to shift its use is the essence of Lingerie development, but nowhere has this process been more prevalent in the past year as the Shapewear category.  There are a plethora of inventive forces vying for this market, but I am personally enamored by Wacoal’s extensive offer of control products.  A favorite piece is the bestselling Lace Embrace Hi Waist Shape Brief (808191). Renown for technical innovation, Wacoal has fashioned a utilitarian garment into a sexy, romantic and powerful shape that assures moderate control without sacrificing style.  Strategically constructed with 2 ply powernet   panels, the panty is designed for function as well as flair.  Delicate embroidered flowers elevate this basic garment to an artistic status. Seductive in black with ivory, the white on white version has been a favorite this season with brides.  Smoothing the torso to enhance this year’s trend of strapless wedding gowns, it is shown here with the Lace Embrace strapless bra (854191).   Define the beauty of your natural shape.

“Form and function should be one”…. Frank Lloyd Wright

Available At:  Embrace

Intimate Designs:  Independence, Missouri

Ella’s Room:  Jackson, Wyoming

Arcella’s Retreat Inc:  Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Bra-Vo Intimates:  Royal Oak, Michigan

Fripperies:  Mystic, Connecticut

Leisure and Lace:  Linwood, New Jersey

Dain Shop:  Morrisville, New Jersey

Basics Underneath:  Mandeville, Louisiana

Lilibeas:  Reading, Pennsylvania

Lingerie Lingerie:  Towson, Maryland

Details of Occaquan:  Occaquan, Virginia

A Perfect Fit Lingerie:  Tustin, California

Very Fitting Lingerie:  Vero Beach, California

Night and Day Lingerie:  Andover, Massachusetts

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    Great blog! I don’t think I will look at lingerie the same way again. One of these days I will order something that you recommend on the blog. Hope the blog brings you success. Love the writing and the format!

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