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tattooWhen I think about why I love lingerie, I always fall back on the concept of Body Art.  In the same way that color or shape can define a blank canvas, lingerie defines the female form.  Allowing the body to emerge, a woman’s lingerie is a personal expression of her most intimate self.  Artistic expression has always been my passion and so when I discover a new idea that addresses this feeling, I am always interested.  Last week, I attended the Curve NY Lingerie Show and spent three full days reviewing many lines with great new product.  There is much to celebrate in the Intimate Market and by the end of the exposition I was thoroughly saturated with information.  There is a lot to write about in the coming weeks.12

But it was not until the last hour of the show, while sipping some wine at my friend Eliane’s stand that I happened upon a superior new product that literally made my day.  Veronique Gautier, V.P. of N.A. Marbella Company walked by the booth wearing body ornaments on her shoulder and wrist that were simply gorgeous.  Mesmerized, I stopped her to inquire and discovered that she was shopping the lingerie and accessory show to explore potential USA markets.  Intrigued by the concept of removable tattoos, I was quickly told that Marbella Collections, from France, preferred to be presented as luxury body jewelry, conceived by artists who use a variety of upscale components such as Swarovski crystals, real gold glitter, pearls, Calais lace and natural pigments to create unique designs ranging from $20 to $450 at retail.  Backed by a special adhesive developed with a pharmaceutical company, they are reusable up to 10 times, after which, a small tube of hyper allergenic adherent allows the wearer endless uses.

AA DSC_3263 40x40 FIN-1The variety of choices offered in this collection coupled with the lack of permanence and therefore the ease at which these decorations can be manipulated on different parts of the body fascinate me as an alternative to the current trend in body tattoos.  Even though I actually can see the beauty in some of the more detailed and artistic works emerging from tattoo parlors, I often wonder if a woman’s changing tastes might make her question why and where she once chose to brand herself.  Marbella’s body jewels offer a perfect and safe alternative, satisfying a never ending female desire for beautiful adornment and the luxury of changing her mind.  If I had a lingerie store, I would perceive these skin jewels as a perfect intimate solution.


“Your body is a temple, but how long can you live in the same house before you redecorate?”…unknown



Contact Veronique Gautier at veronique.gautier@marbellaparis.comphotosoledad copie

New York: 1 917 434 6149     Paris: +33 1 55 28 17 66



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  1. Denise says:

    I was fortunate enough to attend the So Swim So Curves Fashion Show at the MGM on Monday night. What an experience!!! A beautiful production that was like no other Fashion Show I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous dancers from the Crazy Horse Show and fun music all with Champagne! Thank you to the Curve team for such a lovely evening we will all remember for a long time.

  2. Jennie says:

    My husband has my name tattooed on his arm. I have never been able to pull the trigger on one despite the fact that there are some I really like. I LOVE this idea.

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