Fatal Attraction

vampire bI am fascinated by the ongoing obsession of popular culture with vampires. In my parent’s generation, the classic tale of quiet evil was elegantly personified by Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  Later, when my generation was tuning up, Anne Rice captivated our fantasy of perpetual youth and mysterious romance in her Vampire Chronicles.  And today, no author better serves the quest for the fabulous forbidden other world than Stephenie Meyer’s handsome and captivating teen hero, Edward, of the Twilight Series.  These charismatic characters represent all that is not permitted:  lust for an untenable goal; the promise of seduction, the attraction of the taboo.  They are the embodiment of the ageless “bad boy”.   They represent immortal temptation and conceal the ramifications implied by the utter loss of control.  The mythology of the vampire figure has even commandeered our language.  The very essence of the feminine enigma is embodied in the definition of the derivative word “Vamp”: a seductive woman who uses her sensuality to entice men.

In the Lingerie industry, there are all sorts of beguiling products, pretty items that flirt with our imaginations and provoke our palette for pleasure and plenty.  But one brand that is particularly skilled at satisfying our quest for female indulgence is the Montreal based Blush Lingerie.  Known for their ability to engineer luxury fabrics into sexy designs at modest costs, Blush has hit the jackpot with their bewitching push up corset (0217441) and string panty (0217421) from the Fatal Attraction Collection.  Consuming the torso in four sizes, XS – L,   these styles are designed in a dreamy pure ivory stretch satin with a startling contrast black lace.  They suggest a vixen with a cause;   “Trust me’, she declares as she invites you in.


“When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire.”
Angelina Jolie


wholesale inquires: tajmo@blushlingerie.com

Available At:

Bellefleur:  Seattle, Washington

Birdies:  Kansas City, Missouri

House of Lounge:  New Orleans, Louisiana

Flirt: St. Paul, Minnesota

La Petite Coquette:  New York City, New York

French Dressing:  Boston, Massachusetts

Dollhouse Bettie:  San Francisco, California

La Rouge:  San Luis Obispo, California

Lingerie Lounge:  Mammoth Lakes, California

Chadwicks of London:  Mill Valley & SF, California

Gateau Lingerie: Vancouver, British Columbia

Linea Intima:  All Stores, Ontario

Les Saisons:  Edmonton, Alberta

She Apparel: Calgary, Alberta

Simons: 7 locations in Quebec


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  1. Rebecca Kathleen Boutique: I just received the blush collection to my lingerie boutique! Love the product and customer service thus far! Kat

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