Eternal Style

Chrysler building photo from Getty ImagesThe New York skyline is an exquisite work of art, a sculpted landscape of concrete and glass that seems to defy gravity with skyscrapers whose facades soar skyward in a diaspora of architectural grace.  The details on these surfaces reflect the evolution of our national ethos and distinguish the differences that inform the New York character.  There is a vitality and sensuality in these structures that define a cultural diversity that cannot be duplicated in many other places in the world.  No two buildings are the same.  Individual statements dominate the city’s streets.  There are many dynamic landmarks in this city, but no other building characterizes New York’s nobility quite like the Chrysler Building.  Its sleek metallic spire is the crown jewel of the New York panorama.  Designed in the eclectic and geometric form of the Art Deco movement, it is a timeless masterpiece, homage to the machine-age philosophy of simplicity and elegance.  Seven stainless steel ribbed arches define its apex creating a sunburst pattern that lifts the viewer from a pedestrian reality to a place of inspiration.   It is a technological masterpiece that  has become a symbol of refined beauty, symmetry and poise.   It is one of the sexiest buildings in the world.

When I saw the On Gossamer stretch satin contour bra with its concentric pleated cups, I was immediately reminded of the sophisticated spiral tower construction of the Chrysler Building.  Even the shiny black fabric detailed with a simple contrast lace is reminiscent of the gleaming sensuality of this iconic edifice.  The soft, clean, linear composition that shapes the bra (01200) and its matching mesh hip thong (02200) is a classic manifestation of the On Gossamer brand; luxurious, hot and very modern.  Available from 32–36, A–DD, it speaks to the woman who is passionate about construction, challenges mediocrity and always seeks beauty.  It says, “Here I am; edgy, understated and important”.


“Fashions fade, style is eternal” …. Yves Saint Laurent




Available At:

A Brief Affair:  Great Neck, New York

Brief Encounters:  New York City, New York (uptown)

Luscious:  New York City, New York (downtown)

Forty Winks:  Cambridge, Massachusetts

Fripperies:  Mystic, Connecticut

Loungerie: Millwood, New York

Bloomingdales:  New York, Florida, California

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Please Note:  During October, for every purchase of a b.tempt’d bra, b.tempt’d byWacoal will donate $2 to support the efforts of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.  In addition you’ll receive an exclusive music sampler from Esmee Denter’s album, “Outta Here” with a $50 b.tempt’d purchase while supplies last.