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1It’s Halloween weekend and I am on Block Island where I have managed to escape for a couple of days of R & R.  It’s isolated up here, windy, cold and rejuvenating with the shroud of ocean air and autumn light that anoints this tiny jewel floating 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island.  I have been here many times, on retreats with my friends, summering with my family, finding a moment of peace and poetry in an otherwise hectic life.  I love this place for its simplicity.  It is not pretentious.  It is a classic New England seascape replete with earthy people, whose respect for life’s basic needs are defined by a weathered and traditional lifestyle.  Mohegan Bluffs is my favorite beach, a sandy enclave whose rocky shoreline is now embraced by the rapture of winter’s waves.     Then there is the tiny Abrams Farm, a menagerie of exotic and domestic animals whose presence on this island is part of the homespun mystique.  Among them are llamas, camels, kangaroos, yaks, exotic goats, a miniature horse and a leopard that are growing their winter coats, armor against the onslaught of wicked weather.  The light is changing, washing the landscape in a cosmetic glaze.  This time of year is transitional.  It is a bridge between the golden warmth of fall and the heightened expectation of the winter holidays.


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At home in the Northeast, we are hunkering down for the cold.   That’s why it’s a great time of year for robe business.  Bath robes are a major gift giving item and I have been scouring the market for a cozy style that answers to the multiple needs of warmth, relaxation and indulgence.   So, when I recently discovered this leopard faux fur wrap robe (301BL) from the California based loungewear brand, Spa La La, I realized I was on to something.   This soft, snugly and sumptuous robe from Spa La La’s Luxury Collection cloaks the body like a plush winter blanket.  Generous in fit in sizes S/M and L/XL and lined in silky brown charmeuse, it is machine washable for ease of care as well as comfortable to wear.   Find solace from the storm and stay warm.


“Winter is the time for comfort. . .It is the time for home.” ~Edith Sitwell

Available At:

The Kitchen Sink:  Hockessia, Delaware

Simply Fresh:  San Marino, California

Inspiration Lingerie:  Brooklyn, New York

Bonne Nuit:  East Hampton, New York

The Creative Mill: Shiner, Texas

The Scarlett Alley:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mimi’s Closet:  Chestertown, Maryland

The Linen Closet:  Eureka, California

Between The Sheets:  Irvine, California

Tara Jade:  La Quinta, California


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  1. Marjorie Adams says:

    Hello Ellen, thanks so much for the editorial credit. I love the robes and have sold one the first day at our store, Mimi’s Closet!

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