BRIEF ALERT! Ellipse Lingerie

This week’s Intimate Discovery Sexy, Sassy, Elegant Lingerie from South America

Several week’s ago I was in The Pink Slip in NYC when owner Margo Andros introduced me to a hot new  lingerie brand, Ellipse, which she had recently tested with excellent results.  Doing diligence, I discovered that this 25 year old Colombian  company produces intimates, lounge and sleepwear as well as  swimwear  and is distributed throughout South and Central America.    Beautifully executed with European raw materials, Ellipse offers a haute couture sensibility at great value.  Focused on the  lingerie lover’s  taste for glamor, youth, beauty and basics, every need is addressed.   There are wonderful pieces in the four major collections: sultry Nuit, beautiful Flowers and Lovers, playful Girly and practical Essentials.  Coming to North America, Ellipse brings some well established southern heat north of the border.


“America is another name for opportunity” . . . . Ralph Waldo Emerson


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