Artful Exposure ~ Marlies Dekkers

When I was in my 20’s, my aunt moved from her family home to an apartment and gave me her glass and wrought iron garden table in order to help me furnish my first makeshift apartment.  The clean, elliptical lines of its simple base visible through a transparent surface appealed to my taste for the organic.   I liked the juxtaposition of  lightness and weight.  Unfortunately, my youthful naivety caused me to sell it for a $100 when I moved into a house.  It was only after I began traveling regularly to Paris for work did I realize the value of what I had relinquished. Everywhere in this elegant metropolis, the graceful manipulation of wrought iron anoints the landscape and articulates its character.  Observing the curves and arches that embrace the balustrades of buildings, the perimeters of parks and the entrances to the Paris Metro, I began to appreciate their message of beauty and movement.  It was as if the city was trimmed with a graphic iron lace.

The straps and lines that define Marlies Dekkers Undressed label remind me immediately of the lyrical precision portrayed in the Art Nouveau ironworks designs that embellish the Parisian panorama.  Sinewy curves and subtle cut outs alter traditional intimates into innovative designs that make a clear statement of a woman’s self-confidence.  A pioneer in the lingerie initiative of what I call “artful exposure”, Dekker’s has managed to establish a modern signature brand anchored by the popular selling Dame De Paris collection.  Constructed in a smooth, sensual microfiber, these edgy everyday bras, available in sizes 32 – 38, A – F cups are meant to be seen.  This trendsetting company is an anthem to independent women.  Basics become works of art.


“I didn’t discover curves, I only uncovered them” . . . Mae West


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Bergdorf Goodman:  New York City, New York

La Petite Coquette:  New York City, New York

Marc and Max:  New York City, New York

Isadora:  Syracuse, New York

Embrasse-Moi:  Pitsfield, New York

Journelle:  Miami, Florida

Posh Essentials:  Highland Park, Illinois

Romantika:  Wheeling, Illinois

Jenette Bras:  Los Angeles, California

Black Satin Intimates:  Las Vegas, Nevada

Dolce Bella Fine Lingerie:  Woodlands, Texas

La De Da:  Webster, Texas

House of Lounge:  New Orleans, Louisiana

Soleil Toile:  Westport, Connecticut

The Full Cup & Co:  Alexandria/Virgina Beach, Virginia

Inside Story:  Oakville, Ontario

Bra Chic:  Ottawa, Ontario

New Beginnings:  Brandon, Manitoba


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