Splendid Beauty ~ Flora Nikrooz


There is a moment when the Magnolia blooms

These buds are there all winter

They rest cocooned in a lacey canopy

Stagnant on this tree

Me watching at the bedroom window

Perched above

Waiting for the great escape.

The petals will open this spring

Enormous bowls of silken pink

Curled into the sun

Transforming the tree and me to a place of poetry


Light has shifted in the western hemisphere and it is officially spring, or it is supposed to be, but snow still dusts the garden and the pansies I planted last week are lying limp in their beds.  We are all tired of this savage winter, the forces of nature and humanity converging in an exhausting onslaught, hijacking our energy and attitudes.    We need a harbinger of hope, a sign of change, the pleasure of anticipation.  The Magnolia is an ancient genus, a magnificent symbol of perseverance, purity and dignity.  Known for its splendid beauty, its early blossoms are a commitment to renewed life.

For almost 30 years, Flora Nikrooz has spun her poetic vision into her exquisite collections of Intimate Apparel.  Her brand is a metaphor for fantasy, feminine empowerment and glamorous expectation.  Delicate detailing and luxurious fabrics are her trademark.  Using silk charmeuse, fine georgettes, chiffon, Chantilly and Levers lace, these special occasion designs are defined by Flora’s signature pleating, elegant embroideries, and lacey bodices. Aptly named the Flower Basket babydoll this all-over lace style embellished with hand-made chiffon flowers is available in a rich latte or a seductive black.  It is an example of the fairytale innocence and inherent beauty of the renowned Flora Nikrooz bridal collections.   Made in New York City, every step of the creative process is personally monitored by Flora, insuring the same   productivity  and quality of her label.  Beauty still blooms in America.


“O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”  ~Percy Bysshe Shelley


wholesale inquiries: Randi@Agegroupltd.com

Available At:

Barbara Graves Intimate Fashions:  Little Rock, Arkansas

Bonne Nuit:  Jacksonville, Florida

Slumber:  Galena, Illinois

Baubo’s Garden:  Forest Park, Illinois

Flirt Boutique:  Saint Paul, Minnesota

Chantilly Lace:  Port Jefferson, New York

Sara Saposh:  Brooklyn, New York

Jamie Kurland:  Brooklyn, New York

Saposh Too:  Lakewood, New  Jersey

The Dain Shoppe:  Morristown, New Jersey

Lace Silhouettes:  Princeton, New Jersey

Leisure and Lace: Linwood, New Jersey


Saks Fifth Avenue:  All Stores

Bloomingdales:  All Stores


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