This week’s Intimate Discovery A Terrific Lingerie Boutique in Massachusetts

I was in Great Barrington, Massachusetts on my way to a meeting  and had the opportunity to visit Bra & Girl, a wonderful lingerie boutique opened in 2009 and  owned by April Burch and Dan Alden.  It’s such a pleasure to walk into a store that adheres so well to the basic merchandising philosophy of “good, better, best”.  Obviously the balance of resources and the focused visual presentation has paid off as they expand their reach.  To celebrate the success of their Pittsfield location, launched in November 2010, Bra & Girl will host one of their signature Salon Privè events, a live fashion show, showcasing models from Sugar Shack Burlesque of NYC. Combined with live music by Bra*Stars, erotic poetry readings and of course, lots of food and drinks,  the  Bra & Girl vision will be exquisitely exposed.


“Celebrate What You Want to See More Of” . . . Thomas J. Peters

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