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Inspiration is ephemeral.   To an artist, it happens without thought, a moment in time caught from the corner of an eye, a scent, a sound, a touch, a brief shift in space.  It is not always easy to explain.  I have been writing this blog now for over two years, weaving lyrical musings of my life and its intimate rapport with lingerie.  My connection to this feminine world has lasted more than 25 years and my choice to remain ensconced here is based on my personal perspective of products that define this niche.  The creativity is in the poetic details and that is where I live.  Lingerie is all about the evocative.  Above all, it is a gift a woman offers first and foremost to herself.  It is how she feels inside and underneath.  It is a secret treat, a personal luxury, an elevation to individual contentment.  Unless Intimate Apparel provides this pleasure, a woman cannot truly share herself.  It is the difference between Sex and Sexuality.

Once and awhile, I come across a piece of Lingerie that captures the essence of this philosophy.  This is what I felt when I first saw the All Things Nice jumper from the Zinkē Intimates Souvenir Collection delivering now to stores.    Constructed completely from a petal soft lace, the touchstone of lingerie, it is the quintessential intimate underpinning. It could be the sensual design with its delicate eyelash scalloped halter neck, tied provocatively over a backless silhouette.  Or, perhaps it is the pure ivory color evoking the illusion of freshly whipped crème.  Maybe it is the sensual layer adding spice to functional apparel or is it simply a provocative plaything vying for attention?  I think it is just something beautiful to claim for oneself?  Who knows; but it speaks volumes to the purpose of lingerie.


“Example Is The Best Precept” . . . .Aesop


wholesale: jen@zinkeintimates.com

Available At:

Anthropologie: USA, Canada, UK

Faire Frou Frou:  Studio City, California

A Tropical Affair:  Santa Barbara,California

Brooklyn Fox:  Brooklyn, New York

Journelle:  New York City, New York & Miami, Florida

Pink Petticoat:  Tampa,  Florida

Linger:  Spring Lake, New Jersey

Lille Boutique:  Portland, Oregon

Blue Corset:  Atlanta, Georgia

Birdies:  Kansas City, Missouri

Forty Winks:  Cambridge, Massachusetts

Pert Lingerie:  Toronto, Ontario




Congratulations Moira Nelson (@moiranelson), winner of the Lingerie Briefs Blog Tweet-Fest.  Enjoy your Fleur’t panties!




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  1. Hi Ellen! The gorgeous Zinke Intimates is also available at http://www.bellabellaboutique.com. Fall collection will be up soon! 🙂

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