Paris Wrap

I am back in New York and this was a very positive exposition.  Major Intimate Apparel trends that will impact the design and merchandising decisions made in Lingerie businesses throughout 2012 were reinforced.  Helped by the extensive research presented in the forums and conferences directed by both Concepts Paris at and Nelly Rodi, the color, fabric and silhouette direction was clear.  Here are some of their major statements:

  • Color palettes are dominated by an infusion of yellows, greens, orange spices.  Color infiltrates animal prints, purple and orange make this tried and true pattern new
  • Technology continues its revolution as engineered laces and cut layers impact design, especially in the exploding Shapewear category
  • Soft, airy laces with big repeats are prevalent
  • Embroidery is an important decoration, but very light and in place positioning on garments
  • Digital floral prints make it possible to have 25-30 colors in a pattern
  • The impact of graphics on style construction is dominant.  We see the mix and match of lines and layers resulting in a modern take on established silhouettes.  The higher waistline is definite and v neck décolleté emerges in importance
  • Classics like easy pajamas make a comeback as in the search for “Timeless Beauty”  there is an aesthetic return to the 40’s
  • Casual luxury harps back to the country side with larger silhouettes, crochet trims, cotton fabrics and a shabby chic allure.

There was confidant synergy at this show.  Vendor feedback was very good.  I was very glad that I decided to go and hope that this vibe portends a successful year for both the intimates industry and all those consumers who love to buy and wear gorgeous lingerie.  Hats off to the muti-national creative influences delivered from the saucy French, quirky English, modern Germans and the dynamic Americans.  Great Salon De Lingerie and Interfilière gestalt!

“I Love Paris When It Sizzles…” Cole Porter



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  1. ken says:

    This is a great recap. Love to have insight from the expert!

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