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March 2012

Learning to Embrace the Transgender Experience

by Richard Vincente

A year ago, a Toronto family made international headlines for their decision to not reveal the gender of their new baby to anyone outside the immediate family — in effect, raising a ‘genderless’ child.

It wasn’t a publicity stunt or provocation. The parents were highly educated and caring people who simply wanted their child to develop (at least in its early years) free from the gender-based behaviors, social codes and expectations that are imprinted on us from the moment we are given our first pink or blue booties.

As you might imagine, their story ignited howls of condemnation from around the globe. Nothing threatens the security of our social order more than people who mess around with gender, those two pigeon-holes we are all slotted into at birth.

Chrysalis Lingerie, a new brand that will be North America's first fashion lingerie label for transgender women when it launches this spring.

I thought about that a lot this week when I published a feature … ...Read more

BRIEF ALERT! Private Arts

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A New West Coast Panty Company Creates Undie Art

Private Arts is a LA based panty company that caught my eye at the recent CurveNY show.  I am intrigued because their DNA is right up my alley.  Founded by three artists, every design is hand drawn and then transformed into a print using the modern technical expertise available on Photoshop.  Combinations of original illustrations, photography and graphic motifs are colorfully intermingled on stretch lace to form a gallery of Undie Art.  By using underwear as their personal canvas, the artist creates an interesting synthesis of creativity and intimacy. Made exclusively in the USA, each collection is an interpretation of a unique theme.

“A Great Artist Can Paint A Great Picture On A Small Canvas.” ~ Charles Dudley Warner


 READ: INTIMATE INTELLIGENCE on Learning to Embrace the Transgender Experience

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by Nivara Xaykao

As the dust settles on the Fall/Winter 2012 season, my colleagues and I at Stylesight are beginning to decipher the footpath of trends along the runway. In the area of intimates, inspiration materialized in subtle ways, from an intricate body map of seams to a plunging square neckline. Overall, collections were governed by dueling ideas of resplendence and restraint; and perhaps no two labels illustrated these incongruous approaches more than Milan-based Jil Sander and Dolce & Gabbana.

Dolce & Gabbana are the traditionalists, epitomizing much of what has come to define ”Made in Italy”: opulence, sophisticated sensuality, Old-World craftsmanship and a design brashness that often runs in one direction and on one speed (fast). This season, they revved up the luxury, decorating their signature bodysuits, sinuous sheaths and even socks with elaborate needlework and gilded appliqués. The Baroque interiors-inspired pieces made an uncompromising statement for decadence … ...Read more

You must know by now that  I am deep in the process of packing in preparing to move.  Searching through my intimate drawers the other day in hope of paring down a bit, I uncovered my Retro Chic bra from Wacoal, which I first wrote about when it launched in the marketplace.  As you might imagine, I have a lot of bras and sometimes they get buried away.  I forgot how beautiful this style is, and how well it fits.  I wore it the whole day during my estate sale.  After all, it was nice to hold on to something that reflects my current conundrum: which elements of the past are worth retaining and how to embrace change.  This bra recalls my affinity for vintage and my need for absolute comfort and state of the art fit.  No wonder it is now part of the Wacoal basic assortment.  Check our … ...Read more

by Cristina Casciano-King

The Italian’s make some of the finest Hosiery in the world.  Each brand brings its own unique hint of trends for the coming season.  The newest Italian brand to hit the US is Gaetano Cazzola– a family owned Italian Fashion line, that has it all the glam and sophistication. One of my favorite new looks, the “Tattooed” Legging. A brand that states it is “Radically Altering the intended use of its product” and the “Klemy” or as I like to call “The Girl with the Lace Tattoo” has broken the mold for Springtime Leggings.

These Leggings give the illusion of tattoos climbing the leg. The craftsmanship, style and quality are exciting and fresh. The Nude leggings are durable yet fine (they made it through an afternoon at the Central Park Zoo without any damage).  The pattern is ornate yet clean,  and with the varying hem lengths … ...Read more

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