Privacy Policy, Online Advertising and Branding Terms and Conditions

01/01/2013 to present

Privacy Policy

Intimate Product Concepts (aka Lingerie Briefs) will never share, sell, transfer, disclose, or otherwise pass on any of your personal information (such as names, email addresses or identifying social media handles) without prior permission.

At times, anonymous information is collected from your computer for statistical purposes.  This information does not contain personally identifying details, but may include certain statistical data such the country you reside in, how long you visited Lingerie Briefs and what articles you read.

This Web site contains third-party advertising. Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that material submitted for inclusion on our Web site is accurate and complies with applicable laws. We are not responsible for advertisers’ materials, and make no representation with respect to the goods and services advertised or the legality or accuracy of such advertising.

Online Advertising and Branding Terms and Conditions

Submission of materials, insertion orders, and verbal and nonverbal space reservations constitutes acceptance of the following conditions of publisher, Intimate Product Concepts (aka Lingerie Briefs):

All advertising copy and graphics are subject to approval by publisher, which reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement or part thereof deemed unsuitable for any reason.

Banner ads and ‘Partner Spotlight’ branding programs are placed for a minimum of 3 months unless specified and agreed upon. Advertising on Intimate Product Concepts (dba Lingerie Briefs) will automatically renew on a month to month basis unless a specified end date is made either in writing or verbally at the inception of the campaign, or at any time thereafter.

Partner Spotlight Branding program includes a consistent, dedicated branding page, banner ad(s) on both the Lingerie Briefs home page as well as other applicable sections on the website. The Spotlight Partner supplies featured images and content for regularly updated features. If new content is not available in a particular, scheduled month, then a feature will be published as soon as that content becomes available. Spotlight Partners receive a position/link on all pages in the drop-down menu. Additional benefits include promotion on all social media and newsletters.

All Banner ad and/or Partner Spotlight branding program cancellations must be received in writing or verbally by publisher a minimum 3 business days prior to the cancellation of the ad(s) or Partner Spotlight branding program.

Absence of written notification after verbal reservation does not invalidate advertising commitment.

Conditions and rates are subject to change upon written notice from the publisher. Any rate changes will be announced to currently contracted advertisers in writing or verbally.

Publisher is not bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, in the advertiser’s instructions if they conflict with the rates or specifications published on this site or any of the terms & conditions contained herein.

Orders specifying positions are accepted on a request basis only. Specific positions are not guaranteed. All banners receive run-of-site positioning.

The advertiser and its agency, if there is one, each represents that it has the right and authorization to publish any advertisement it has submitted, and that it is fully authorized and licensed to use all content including, but not limited to, the names and/or pictures of persons, living or dead, or of things, trademarks, service marks, copyrighted, proprietary or otherwise private material, testimonials, contained in any advertisement submitted by or on behalf of the advertiser and/or its agency. Each agrees jointly and severally to indemnify and save harmless Intimate Product Concepts against all loss, liability, damage, and expense of whatever nature arising from our copying, printing, or publishing of such advertisement.

Publisher assumes no liability for errors in materials either when we have been asked to modify online ads or when such changes were otherwise considered necessary to meet our production requirements.

Publisher reserves the right to hold advertiser and/or agency jointly and separately liable for monies due and payable to publisher for advertising ordered by advertiser and/or agency and published online by publisher.

Publisher is not liable for delays in delivery and/or non-delivery in the event of circumstances beyond control of the Publisher affecting production or delivery in any manner.

Online advertisements are subject to limited availability.