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Recently, I read an interesting article in Time Magazine about the artist, Damien Hirst. As a pioneer of the contemporary British Art movement, he is recognized for his controversial approach to modern art and his shocking subject matter. First and foremost, he is an expert at getting attention; he understands that the power of presentation reigns supreme.  The article highlighted his series of Spot paintings, intricate grids of symmetrically arranged identical orbs whose colors never repeat on the same canvas. The paintings are all about the colors, their placement, who chooses them (many are completely executed by a team of skilled assistants) and how repetitious they can become. There are 331 variations of these Spot installations housed in galleries worldwide.  It is difficult for me to accept them as fine art, but his talent for rebellious and powerful thought cannot be denied. They dare to make us think and feel; which is, to me, the essence of creativity.

The moment I saw Claudette’s newly launched Dessou mesh bra and panty collection in neon brights, I thought about the Spot paintings.  In the spirit of Damien Hirst, the manipulation of color in a repetitive manner drew my eye to the product before I ever explored the details.  The evolution of this bold palette throughout the delivery period results in a powerful visual impact on the selling floor.  This is key item merchandising at its best. Engineered by highly trained British based fit specialists, Claudette has incorporated the critical elements of construction for brassiere sizes A-G cups.  With fashion details influenced by the RTW runway, this emerging brand manages to perpetuate an edgy and slightly offbeat persona accessible to every woman.

“I love color. I feel it inside me. It gives me a buzz.”. . .Damien Hirst



The Wizard of Bras:  Monrovia, CA
Dollhouse Betty:  San Francisco, CA
My Boudoir: San Francisco, CA
Faire Frou Frou:  Studio City, CA
Besos: Los Gatos, CA
Lingerie at Kama Sutra Closet: Ventura CA
Twyla K.:  Westlake Village, CA
Lion’s Lair Boutique: Islamorada, FL
Forty Winks:  Cambridge, MA
Birdies Panties:  Kansas City, MO
Journelle:  New York, NY & Miami, FL
Chic Underneath:  Saratoga Springs, NY
Crystal Lune:  El Paso, TX
Derriere De Soie:  Charlottesville, VA
Twala Intimates:  Seattle, WA
Oh Baby: Portland, OR
Bellefleur Lingerie Boutique:  N. Seattle, WA
Zoe & Co:  Westerly, RI
Bra Necessities:  AB Canada

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  1. Claire Cook says:

    I am loving the bright neon green, why not wear eccentric colours!

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