This Week’s Intimate Discovery: Technology Enables A New Brand Of Smart Panties

Several years ago, I began to hear rumblings in the market about a niche panty opportunity that had recently emerged: a product developed  to eliminate moisture and odor issues.  I was fairly certain that this concept would be supported primarily in pharmacy locations and was a bit surprised when I began to be approached, in fact, by several entrepreneurs, interested in developing a product focused on specialty store business.  Feminine lingerie combined with the technology necessary to protect women as they age seemed non-compatible.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered Knock Out™, a pretty new panty brand constructed with their patented No Trace™ technology.  Designed in soft cotton and lace these classic styles are made in America and engineered to accommodate the panty failure moments in our busy lives.


“Small Opportunities Are Often The Beginning Of Great Enterprises”…Demosthenes

NOTE:  Our new Consumer Briefs column is now active in the Extra! section on this site.  Ask your customers to write a review of a product purchased in your store; and we will mention your shop when we publish.  In the spirit of Lingerie Briefs, only positive insights will be posted.

‘Are Your Photos Safe?’ by Richard Vincente – Intimate Intelligence
(see the only nude photo ever taken of Liz Taylor) 

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  1. Claire Cook says:

    Wow what an advance for the underwear market! It’s great to know companies are starting to not only make lingerie look fab, but to also cater for other women’s needs! I just wonder if any of the designer lingerie companies will jump aboard this idea?

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