Don’t Toss It! ~ Keep Your Bridal Garter

By Libby Dowd

Today more brides opt out of the traditional garter toss. But that does not mean the demand for this dainty underpinning is waning. In fact, the garter selections available to brides are expanding and styles are becoming more decadent and luxurious. La Gartier owner and designer, Sarah Dobson says garters are trending—big time. It’s not the traditional toss that is drawing in customers. “Brides are buying garters just to have them,” says Dobson. “It’s a keepsake. A garter is one wedding day accessory that is easy to keep and that a mother can pass down to her daughter.”

Laura Hardiman, owner of The Ivory Corset in Andover, MA, caters to brides and special occasion customers. She mirrors Dobson’s comments, saying not many of her customers are planning a garter toss, but for many, the tradition of wearing a garter is still strong. “It’s definitely a keepsake item,” she says. “A lot of times the mother of the bride urges her daughter to purchase one.”

With more brides holding onto their garters, the demand for higher-end materials and design is increasing. Florrie Mitton, a UK-based luxury line of garters has been picked up by mega wedding retailer, BHLDN. Designer Claire Quigley started the line after planning her own wedding in 2009. “Everything is handmade in the UK with an emphasis on luxury and quality,” she says. “Only exquisite silks, laces and trimmings are used for my range.”

The same holds true for Dobson’s custom line. She fields all kinds of requests from brides, but her biggest demand is for garters that incorporate “something old” or “something blue.” “A bride recently sent me a vintage cameo that belonged to her grandmother,” Dobson says. “She wanted to have her grandmother close to her on her wedding day.”

Regardless of the request, Dobson aims to capture understated femininity in every design. “I like to keep things simple and elegant,” she says, “You won’t see me go overboard with sparkle.”

What can you expect from La Gartier? “Fine materials, like English netting, satin and dupioni silk,” says Dobson. “I also use a lot of embroidered nettings and trims. They are very luxurious and create an ethereal look.”

The garter is getting so much attention these days, it’s almost a shame the ceremonial toss is falling out of tradition. The handcrafted designs are just too pretty to keep hidden.


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  2. Sarah Dobson says:

    Thank you so much for writing about my garters Libby! It is so encouraging to see press like this!

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