A Full-Busted Swimwear Smorgasbord

The Full-Busted Swimwear market has exploded in the past several years, and many companies take different approaches to supporting the girls.  Here are just a few of the styles of construction out there for swim.

First of all, a note: I have never understood the tankini.  It’s a bathing suit for women who want the sass of a bikini but with a little more coverage.  A woman who wants that modest two-piece is likely to feel that way for a reason.  And yet…the tankini exposes the one area that most women are self-conscious about, the belly roll.  I’m sure there are toned, athletic women out there who love a tankini but personally, I don’t get it.  Given my bias, I am not reviewing any.



This one-piece from Aerin Rose features an underwire built into the front of the bodice, with an elastic band that continues to the back, for support.



The Sophia one-piece offers a built-in strapless bra, complete with interior backwings, adjustable band with hook and eye closures, and underwire cups.  The suit effectively sits on top of the strapless bra. The one-shoulder detail can be detached.



The swim top is constructed like an underwire, cut-and-sewn bra.  It shares many features with undergarments, including adjustable straps.



The Sienne two-piece style features construction very much like a plunge underwire bra.  What sets it apart is a firm, contoured cup.

From a virtual swimwear desert not so many years ago, options for full-busted swim have exploded, and offer women opportunities for Fab Fit up to a K-cup.  While we can enjoy the bounty, our cups no longer have to runneth over.


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  1. SC says:

    By the way, thanks for showing the high waist brief from Elomi. One of my friends will be interested to see that. I wish Elomi made small back sizes.

  2. SC says:

    I have to disagree with you about tankinis. I believe you when you say they expose the tummy of many women’s figures and thus defeat the purpose of additional coverage. On someone petite like me, however, they not only cover my entire stomach, they cover quite a bit of my swim bottom. Just this season I discovered Panache’s swimwear line. I was lucky enough to buy the Monroe tankini and the Seychelles tankini. Both cover the top two to three inches of my swim shorts (from Lands End). In fact, I’m considering having the Monroe tankini shortened. It’s about 1.5″ longer than the Seychelles. Between the tankini on top and the shorts on the bottom, I feel very securely covered, but attractively supported. And I would argue that there are many women like me, about 5′ tall and 100 lbs, especially in the major metropolitan areas. The small back/big bust brands are wonderful for us. I’m looking forward to seeing Panache’s swimwear options next season.

  3. Kitty Plum says:

    Hi, I think these are great option, I especially like the Panache but there seems to be a lack of choice in the luxury end of the market. Would you agree? The only ranges I have found are Lidea from Maryan Melhorne and Sunflair which is a bit on the frumpy side.

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