Eveden Group & Wacoal-America

There has been a lot of history in the media about the American Declaration of Independence this week and I am always in awe when I hear how this evolutionary and ultimately revolutionary event occurred.  Even though I knew the basics, when I read the autobiography of John Adams by David McCullough several years ago, I was moved to another level of perception.  A consortium of individuals, led by a small group of men, with very diverse talents, came together to create the greatest political product known to mankind.   In an era where communication was limited to letters carried by horseback, they managed to set aside their differences, and combine their skills to form a more perfect union.  It was the ultimate expression of cooperation and the results prove the power of brilliant collaboration.

When I learned that the Eveden Group would be joining forces with 22 other Wacoal Divisions worldwide, including Wacoal-America, I recognized the potential impact on the Intimates business, not only globally but now in North America.  With full exposure to each other’s DNA, they have become compatriots in arms.  Although they remain separate in their individual messages, they have mutual access to all the research and intelligence that each body offers.  I, for one, am thrilled that these two lingerie giants, whom I respect not only for their product, but also for the culture they proffer are now partners in this international congregation.  How fitting it is that this assembly joins British Bra Fit and Swimwear forces to American Foundations know how.

“Union Gives Strength”  ~ Aesop

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