Lola Haze™ Lingerie Parties for the Bride!

By Margaret Shrum

Bridal showers and bachelorette parties: that special night to bond with your closest girlfriends before tying the knot. And what says bonding better than what’s closest to your skin – lingerie? Luckily for New York area brides, lingerie designer and expert Laura Mehlinger of Lola Haze™ is now lending her fanciful designs and expertise to spice up your bridal shower or bachelorette party in a unique, sexy, and above all fun way. Treat your guests to a Lola Haze™ Lingerie Party, and you might even score some free silky something’s for yourself.

I recently spoke to Laura Mehlinger about her Bridal Lingerie Parties and got to find out more details:

How did you come up with the Bridal Lingerie Party idea and what can brides & guests expect?

For some blushing brides, unwrapping boxes and boxes of lingerie at a bridal shower (in front of the mother-in-law) is reason enough to elope.  But I have some tips for the best bridal lingerie party ever!

This is one of the only times in a woman’s life where her friends all gather in one place to celebrate her friendship and femininity as they send her off to the next phase of her life.  So have fun!  If strippers and penis candles aren’t for your bride, a lingerie party is a perfect way to giggle together and spoil her.

Invite a lingerie expert to facilitate the party.  At Lola Haze TM, we will send a lingerie expert to your Lingerie Party in NYC along with an assortment of special lingerie goodies to spice things up and get the party rolling.  Guests can try on goodies and shower the bride (or themselves) with fanciful gifts.  Even better: if the group purchases 5 pieces, the 6th is a free gift for the bride!

How many people can come to these parties and is it mostly for women, or can men attend too?

This party is for you, so we can accommodate a range of attendees, including men!

What are some must have party favors?

The Launderie Bag by Lola Haze™ is the perfect party favor for your lingerie party!  As adorable as it is useful, it’s a must-have every lingerie lover.  Use it for washing, storing, and traveling with your delicates.

How can you keep the bridal shower classy, sexy and chic?

You can keep it chic–rather than trashy–by setting an elevated tone to the party.  Choose elegant invitations, include high-end brands of lingerie, sip champagne and play some jazz!

What does every bride need on her honeymoon? 

Anything goes for a honeymoon!  Surprise your partner with a new look every night, and try to mix them up.  This is your chance to express the many sexy and romantic sides of you.  Start with a classic white chemise, which remains a traditional mainstay of honeymoon romance.

A very sexy bra and panty set are always a winner after a nice dinner out, and if you want his memories to truly last a lifetime, add stockings and garter.

Don’t forget a comfy piece, like a romper, that you can easily slip into to just relax together after a long day and night…

I love that bridal lingerie no longer just means frilly and white. Modern women want more modern lingerie, which means bright colors and bold silhouettes–anything that feels sexy!  Some best sellers from Lola Haze TM for bridal season is the silk chiffon Daisy Teddy and Screen Goddess Chemise.

If you’re in NYC, contact to set up your party or do some research for lingerie stores or experts in your area who might host or facilitate.


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  1. kendl Vance says:

    I love the whisper thin textures, the lingerie definately suggests a come hither feel, and the bra and panty set is an absolute must have for the honeymoon . . .and Made in America!

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