4 Bras Essential to Wedded Bliss

By Aimee Guthinger 

Did you know that it makes little difference whether you are always the bridesmaid or if this time, the bride? There are four essential bra categories that every woman should have in her wardrobe! Each addresses a particular fashion need in her busy day.  And while there are many more than four styles from which to choose, there are specific bras, that a newlywed, or for that matter, any stylish woman, should not be without!

Selecting the right fit goes much further than simply trying on a garment.  For this reason, we encourage our clients at my store, Bedroom I’s Boutique, to test their selections before making a purchase.  Lift up your arms to be sure the fit is continuous, sit down and squat to be sure the fit is comfortable, and try the bra on beneath an article of clothing to be insure a pleasing silhouette.

The biggest complaint we hear from clients is that they have a drawer full of bras at home that seemed comfortable and supportive in the store, but by the end of the first day, something had changed.  This is completely normal!  You can line up 15 bras that all appear to fit a woman, but until she begins wearing each one over a period of time, she will not know which of them is going to also retain its shape and lift while remaining comfortable.  The fit methods that we have developed help to minimize a feeling that I like to call brassiere remorse. The simple truth is that until you wear a bra, you just never know.  Again no matter where you live, be sure to seek out a good fitter with whom you may build a relationship and trust to help you look and feel your best everyday!

1. Your Basic Bra

The properly fit everyday bra that offers the correct amount of support, a flattering silhouette and is just plain comfortable.  We recommend rotating a minimum of 3 basic bras each year to allow for one to wear, one to wash & one to rest on any given day.  This will allow all 3 bras to retain longevity and therefore more value to you by making an annual foundation investment.  Perhaps even more important than your laundering methods, you should never wear the same bra 2 days in a row! Think of it this way, if you wear pantyhose or tights one day, would you put them on a second day in a row? The majority of us would not because by the end of dayone, the elastic has stretched out and needs time to rest and retain its shape again.  Same is true for your bras.

2. Your Solutions Bra

A strapless/ convertible bra is particularly useful in warmer months, as well as for weddings and other special occasions due to its versatility.  Most strapless bras are now sold with straps that convert to allow for wear as a standard bra, as well as x-back, halter, asymmetrical, aka over one shoulder and finally as a strapless.  This bra will also allow for the use of interchangeable decorative straps, if that is your cup of tea.  You may not wear this bra daily, but much like your Little Black Dress,  it is just good planning to have one on standby.

3. Your Sports Bra

Ladies, who among us doesn’t wish to find ourselves a few pounds lighter by end of the week? Do yourself and your bust a favor by investing in a good well-fit sports bra before you begin any exercise regime.  The connective tissue supporting your bust that ultimately plays a role in fighting the gravitational pull on your girls will thank you! Again, if you plan to exercise at least 3-5 days a week in preparation for your wedding day or simply for good everyday health, be sure to invest in 3 sports bras to allow for the same longevity found in rotating the wear of your basic bras.

And PS, the pull over your head crop top style is not really a sports bra.  Especially true for the C+ cups and larger, it simply creates a sausage like encasing fit allowing your bust to bounce along as one solid mass.  Ouch!

4. Your Lacey Saturday Night Bra

Every woman, whether she knows it or not, needs a lacey Saturday night bra.  This bra should just be beautiful.  Believe me, even if no one else knows that you are wearing it, that feeling a pretty bra gives you has an impact on your body language and how you present yourself to the world.  Feel the power of lace by embracing the lace in your foundations!


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