Timeless Romance ~ Jane Woolrich

No one does dramatic romance quite like Leo Tolstoy.  Yesterday I went to see the cinematic version of his literary masterpiece, Anna Karenina, hailed by his peers as a “flawless work of art”.   I read this book when I was 19 and pining for a boyfriend who was always elusive.  Caught up in the moment, I imagined myself the next great American novelist whose emotional theatrics would also stun the world. Neither of these relationships worked out as planned, but watching the movie last night plush with devotion and possessive desire, I was reminded of the intense passion that steers obsessive love.  Set in 19th century aristocratic Russia this version of the film reveals the world as a stage in which we are all players in the art of persuasion.

No Lingerie better embodies the essence of Anna Karenina’s beauty, noblesse and ardor than the British based Jane Woolrich brand.  Without exception it is the most romantic lingerie collection that I have ever encountered. Dreamy peignoir sets, erotic knickers and glamorous corsets are hand sewn in the countryside atelier that Jane has personally overseen for 25 years.  Richly colored silk gowns, babydolls and chemises, cut on the bias are detailed with exquisite leavers lace and appliqués.   Known for her customer service, Jane will make special orders for any size. From virginal to bridal this nightwear is timeless, luxurious and forever poetic.  I have no doubt that our tragic heroine, would have worn one of these seductive  designs when trysting with her beloved Count Vronsky.

There Are As Many Kinds Of Love, As There Are Hearts” ~Leo Tolstoy


Available At:

Bradelis Lingerie, NYC

The Lingerie Shop:  Brooklyn, NY

Lavender & Lace: Brooklyn, NY

Lingerie On Lex: NYC, NY

La Petite Coquette: NYC, NY

Bra La Vie!: Hammond, LA

La Mode: Houston, TX

Top Drawer:Houston, TX

Sharla’s: McKinney, TX

La Silhouette: Madeira, OH

Fripperies: Mystic, CT

A Finer Fit: Greenville, SC

Bits of Lace: Charleston, SC

Nancy Meyer: Seattle, WA

Oh Fine Lingerie: New Orleans, LA

Pampour: NYC, NY

Lingerie Boutique: Brooklyn, NY

Trousseau: Vienna, VA

Gattles: Naples, FL

Avec Plaisir: Toronto, ON


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